A list of supporting and antagonistic characters from Kiss Me on Clover Hill.


Nazuna Kudo

You met Nazuna by accidentally bumping into her at the entrance ceremony. Since then, she has become a very loyal friend of yours. Just like you, she is also studying design and you often share classes.

Momo Sumitani

She is friends with Shokichi and Daisuke. She notices that Daisuke is infatuated with you almost immediately and attempts to set you guys up. She went to high school with Soichi and has been in love with him since. She tries to compete with you for his love in his route.

Soichi's Route

Professor Nukumizu

Masato Nukumizo is the Associate Professor from the Department of Architecture and is Soichi's instructor. There are rumors that he has sabotaged students' work. When he begins to hassle Soichi and even attempts to encourage him to drop out of an architecture competition, you fear those rumors are true.


Taro is a classmate of Soichi's. When Professor Nukumizo begins to start trouble with Soichi, he appears worried and asks you to let him know if anything bad happens with Soichi.

Mr. Kiyota

Mr. Kiyota is Soichi's father. He is a politician and vehemently disagreed with his choice to pursue architecture due to his admiration for his grandfather and his work. Soichi's grandfather disagreed with Mr. Kiyota's decision to become a politician, so it appears he is taking his frustration out on Soichi, even going so far as to plot schemes that would make Soichi drop out of university or leave Clover Hill.

Bunta's Route

Coming soon...

Yusuke's Route

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Chihiro's Route

Seika Masuyama

She is a friend of Chihiro and is also a student in the Department of Music.

Shokichi's Route

Fujiyoshi and Sachie Kuramoto

They are Shokichi's adoptive parents. They are very overprotective of him, often visiting Clover Hill to check on him and make sure he's okay. Their overprotective behavior becomes a mental and emotional burden on Shokichi and it creates problems.

Kazuto's Route

Coming soon...

Daisuke Asahina

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Akio Tsubaki

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