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Keisuke Shijo
Keisuke Shijo

General Information
Kanji Name 四条 啓介
Romaji Name Shijo Keisuke
Game Debut Liar! Office Deception
Age 27
Birthday April 22
Gender Male
Job Position Assistant Copywriter
Height 6'0" / 182 cm
Blood Type O
Hobby Traveling
Personality Young and Brazen

Keisuke Shijo is one of your co-workers from D-Team in Liar! Office Deception and a potential liar and spy.


Not much known about Keisuke's past, earlier in the route he describes his life when he was young that he had maid doing things for him. He studied overseas and goes home to Japan once in a while. As a young man, he won a lot of awards writing articles overseas. Prior before you joined the D-Team, he reveals that he was aware that there was a spy on the team and tried to hunt them down but in order to do that he needed someone to help him.

As the son of Mr. Shijo the President of the Media Act, he is next in line for the throne of CEO.


Keisuke Shijo - Profile

Keisuke has layered light brown hair that's parted on his right and brown eyes.


  • Work Attire: Keisuke wears a navy blue coat over a mustard sweater and a white underneath collar shirt and gray slacks with a belt.


Keisuke is describe as someone cheeky and a brat by you. When it comes to flirting with you, he's actually pretty straightforward and blunt on showing his feelings to you which gives you butterflies in the stomach. Keisuke can also be very observant as shown whenever Sakurako comes to bully you, he's always there to save you or put a stop on Sakurako's dirty tricks.

Summary of Routes

Liar's Route

After finding out who is the 8th liar, you gave an answer to Keisuke's feelings for you. After you officially started dating, he hugs you and there you made an oath that you're going to hunt down the spy. But does he really have feelings for you or he just wants to be close with you in order to backstab you?!


  • Keisuke can speak English and Japanese.
  • He's one of the guys on your team that Sakurako often flirts with.

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