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Keima Katagiri
Keima Katagiri Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 片桐桂馬
Romaji Name Katagiri Keima
Game Debut Liar! Uncover the Truth
Age 32
Birthday May 12th
Zodiac Taurus
Occupation Stock Trader
Height 5'9"/180 cm
Hobby Chess
Blood Type O
Personality Sociable & Popular
CV Kazuyuki Okitsu

Keima Katagiri is one of the potential liars from Liar! Uncover the Truth.


Keima's childhood is unknown but he met you through college, and was attracted to you despite having a girlfriend. After he graduated, he got a good job at Chuwa Securities but lost contact with you.

Seven years later, he's invited by one of his clients to a high stakes casino in Roppongi and started winning money from the baccarat tables. He came in almost every night with a winning streak, but then started losing and believed his client and the baccarat dealer were conspiring together. He placed an all or nothing bet, lost, and was banned from the casino. Addicted to the thrill of gambling, he tried to win money from horse races and pachinko machines but didn't have much luck. He became so drowned in debt that he resorted to asking loans from loan sharks and was unable to pay them back.

One night, he spotted you going into a hotel and saw a match-making event going on. He hatched a scheme where he could get money from you because you knew him and were financially put together. He attended the event and was determined to make you fall for him.


Keima Katagiri Profile

Keima has layered, neck-length dark brown hair with parted bangs, and dark brown eyes.


  • Work Attire: Keima wears a dark navy blue, three piece suit, and a white dress shirt with the top button undone. He also wears an expensive Rolex watch.


Coming soon...

Summary of Routes

Liar's Route

Coming soon...


  • He's the only guy you date where you had a former crush on him.
  • He's the first guy to confess to you, instead of proposing, that made your heart race.
  • His given name, "Keima" (桂馬) means "katsura horse", but it's also the Japanese name of the knight in shogi.
    • This could allude to the chess pieces in the game.
  • His surname, "Katagiri" (片桐) means "one (of a pair) paulownia".

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