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Kazusa Hanai
Kazusa Hanai Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 花井 一沙
Romaji Name Hanai Kazusa
Game Debut Metro PD: Close to You
Height 5'10"
Weight 135 lbs
Age 26
Blood Type A
Birthday September 3
Rank Detective
Fact Music aficionado


Kazusa Hanai is a selectable character from the game Metro PD: Close to You.  


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  • Formal Attire:
  • Business Attire: Hanai's business attire consists of some black suit, a black, buttoned vest, a white shirt with a folded collar, black pants, brown-colored belt and lastly, a wine-colored tie. His messy hair is wood-colored and his eyes are caramel-colored.
  • Casual Attire: Hanai's casual attire consists of black-opened suit with white-stripped lines around the contour, some black-and-white-horizontal-and-vertical-lined polo, some white shirt with folded collar, and a black loose tie. His hair is exactly the same color as well as the eyes.
  • Sleepwear: Hanai's sleeps shirtless with a pair of underwear. His hair is wood and his eyes are caramel.


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Hanai is a very hardworking, determined and ambitious profiler in MPD. He has great observational skills. He tends to be strict. He has an aura of confidence and is intimidating.

Summary of Routes

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Main Story

In Episode 1, you are hospitalized for medical tests. A few days later, you go the MPD building, and then the entire group asks about your condition. The boss assigns you and Hanai to be partners on this case. At the crime scene, Hanai questions people and you observe him. Annoyed, he instructs you to take notes. In Hanai's car, you write all the notes about the old man as the eyewitness. After that, the Second Unit throw a welcome party for you at the Station Bar. Eiki asks you about your day, and Hanai is in front of you. You order what the others wanted as a meal as you talk with the bartender, plus, you take some notes.

In Episode 2,



Armed & Engaged



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