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Kazuki Serizawa
Kazuki profile

General Information
Kanji Name 芹沢和輝
Romaji Name Serizawa Kazuki
Game Debut Finally, in Love Again
Age 38
Blood Type AB
Birthday N/A
Occupation CEO of Tarte & Tatin

Kazuki Serizawa is a selectable character from Finally, in Love Again. He is the CEO of Tarte & Tatin and your ex-boyfriend from ten years ago.


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What's He Like?


  • 28-year-old Kazuki

Kazuki has chin-length, dark brown hair that's parted on the right side and dark brown eyes. When he was younger, he had bangs.


  • Business Attire: Kazuki wears a dark blue suit with gray stripes, a white shirt, gray tie, and a rolex watch on his left wrist.
    • When he was younger, he wore a khaki suit, a light blue shirt, and a burgundy tie.
  • Casual Attire: Kazuki wears a light blue buttoned shirt and a rolex watch on his left wrist.
  • Sleepwear: Coming Soon...


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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Sequel Epilogue

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The Proposal

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The Proposal Epilogue

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The Wedding

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The Family Album

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  • Kazuki's surname, '芹沢', is composed of the kanji characters for "parsley" - '芹'; and "swamp" or "grace" - '沢'. His first name, '和輝' means "peace and radiance".
  • Kazuki can speak English, which is evident since he spent a number of years in America. 
Kazuki Serizawa

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