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Junya Sakurazawa
Junya Sakurazawa - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 桜澤純哉
Romaji Name Sakurazawa Junya
Game Debut Office Secrets
Infinite Inc Position Planning Team 2, Business Development Dept.
Age 25
Blood Type A
Birthday June 11
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Personality Clever; an expert host; loved by everyone
Background Attended a prestigious private school from elementary through university

Junya Sakurazawa is one of your romance options from Office Secrets.


Junya attended prestigious private schools since he was a child in elementary school all the way through university. While he was growing up, his father worked a lot and didn’t have time for his family. His mother always felt lonely, so he felt he needed to pretend he was okay and smile for her to make her feel better. This lead to him thinking he always needed to pretend he was happy, even when he wasn’t. His father died while he was young, so his mother and grandfather raised him from then on. His grandfather owns the company, Infinite Inc., that you two work for.


Junya appears to have short light ash brown hair, brown eyes, and a warm ivory skin tone.


  • Business attire: He wears a striped red and white dress shirt along with a matching red tie underwear a light grey blazer.
  • Sleepwear: He wears a fully unbuttoned white dress shirt with nothing underneath.


Always calm and smiling, he appears as if he doesn’t take anything seriously. He has a reputation as a womanizer in the office.

Summary of Routes

Coming soon…


Coming soon…

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