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Izumi Takasaki
Izumi profile

General Information
Kanji Name 高崎和泉
Romaji Name Takasaki Izumi
Game Debut Serendipity Next Door
Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Age 23
Room No. 301
Birthday N/A

Izumi Takasaki is a selectable character in the game Serendipity Next Door. He is a fan of OMI. He is described as the 'Tsundere Vet Student'.


Izumi Takashi originally comes from moderate wealth. His parents own a large company in Hokkaido, and after discovering his father wanted Izumi to take over for him, he runs away in pursuit of his dream job; a Veterinarian. After running away, he takes on numerous part-time jobs in order to pay his tuition and rent. He doesn't ask his parents for money because he feels he has shamed them.



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Izumi is a kind gentlemen, and treats women well. His inexperience with women though makes him awkward, showing a much cuter side. 'Tsundere' doesn't describe him well. When you meet him for the first time he is formal and kind.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

The first time you meet Izumi, he helps you out, and allows you to leave your busted bike at his store so you won't need to bring it back to the apartment in the rain. At the same time, he gives you his umbrella to borrow. The next time you meet him, you realise that you two are neighbours on the same floor, as well as Masaomi. Though it is unknown how long he has been there but most likely just recently seeing as he is just across the hall from you, you would have met already). He comes to your apartment for a short while and you offer to give back his umbrella, which he rejects, telling you that "a cat was washing it's face", indicating that it would rain the next day. after finishing up with work, you go to the Pet Store, and have an awkward encounter with his rough-around-the-edges Boss. While giving you the leash to a large dog, the dog gives you a difficult time. After Izumi offers to show you to the Bike Shop to repair your bike, you give him cakes as thanks. Though, the dog jumps on you and you end up soaked wet in a fountain. The next day, you endup getting a fever. When coming back to the apartment, you accidentally mistaken Izumi's apartment for yours and end up passing out. When you wake up, you find yourself in Izumi's room.


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Sequel Epilogue

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Izumi Takasaki