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Itsuki Matsuba
Itsuki Matsuba - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 松葉 逸希
Romaji Name Matsuba Itsuki
Game Debut Butler Until Midnight
Personality Wild Genius
Date of Birth October 31
Blood Type AB
Height 6'0"/180cm
Likes Flower arrangement
Personal Motto "Push ahead, no matter what."

Itsuki Matsuba is a selectable butler in the game Butler Until Midnight.


Itsuki is the second son of the Matsuba family, who come from a long line of prestigious butlers. While Tomoki worked very hard on his duties as a butler, Itsuki was naturally gifted at his duties.

The Real Him


Itsuki has slightly layered, neck-length sandy blond hair, and slender brownish eyes.


  • Butler Uniform: Coming Soon...
  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...


Itsuki is fun-loving and very approachable. Unlike his brother, Tomoki, he is very open to you and is also very flexible when doing lessons, as shown in Tomoki's route. Itsuki is often casual with people he knows well (he calls Tomoki "Tomo" even during work hours).

It is also shown that Itsuki is bad at lectures and using words to teach you things that need to be taught (ie. etiquette), which Tomoki is good at. He usually uses more visual notions which suffice for him.

Sometimes, he tends to do what he wants and isn't very considerate in what you want, but he is able to put a smile on your face (A Butler's Technique).

It is also shown that he loves to tease and slightly flirt with you. He says that he'd tell you who Yukari is if you gave him a kiss after his brother left in Tomoki's route.

He is also knowledgeable when it comes to fashion; he is very skilled when doing your makeup, hair and picking out fancy clothing that is fit for you.

Itsuki states that he admires Tomoki because he can work so hard and accomplish things in a timely manner, but he doesn't know that Tomoki is in fact jealous of Itsuki. This therefore can make their brotherly relationship a little complex

Summary of Routes

Main Story

You choose Itsuki because it seems as though he is the easiest to talk to, but as he keeps serving you, it seems that another person has taken a romantic interest towards you... What will happen to you at this rate...!?

In His Eyes

Coming Soon...

Lovers After Hours

Coming Soon...

After Sunrise

Coming Soon...

Clandestine Romance

Coming Soon...

Clandestine Romance In His Eyes

Coming Soon...

Midnight Warmth

Coming Soon...

Afternoon Temptation

Coming Soon...


  • Itsuki's surname, Matsuba (松葉) means "pine needle." For his first name: 逸 (itsu) means "to evade" and 希 (ki) means "hope," so Itsuki literally translates to "evading hope."
  • Itsuki was born on Halloween.
  • According to the relationship chart, he and Kyo are the same age.
  • Itsuki can speak English fluently.
  • He likes rock candy.
Itsuki Matsuba

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