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Isami Kondo
Isami Kondo - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 近藤 勇
Romaji Name Kondō Isami
Game Debut Era of Samurai: Code of Love
Occupation Commander of the Shinsengumi
Personality Mature & Tolerant
Height 5'10"/178 cm
Weight 132 lbs/60 kg
Approx. Age 30
Hobby Tending Vegetable Garden/ Idioms
CV Toshihiko Seki

Isami Kondo is a selectable samurai in the game Era of Samurai: Code of Love. He's based on Kondo Isami, the Commander of the Shinsengumi.


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Isami has black hair styled in a topknot with a strand on his right side, slender blackish eyes, and a slight tan complexion.


  • Normal Attire: Isami wears a dark brown haori over a brown hakama-shita, gray hakama, white tabi socks, and zōri.
  • Shinsengumi Uniform: Along with his regular clothes, Isami wears a light-blue haori with the sleeves trimmed in white mountain stripes, a tasuki chord over his chest, a white headband with a small iron plate, and a katana and wakizashi tucked into his hakama.
  • Sleep Attire: Coming Soon...


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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Hearts in Training

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Love's Command

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Love's Maelstrom

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Love's Rainbow

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  • In real life, Isami was married to Matsui Otsune before he became commander. He had a daughter with her in 1861, about a year after they were married, and their marriage lasted until his death in 1868; however, she wasn’t allowed to live with him in Kyoto.
    • It’s rumored that he had four mistresses while stationed in Kyoto.
    • His grandson was born fifteen years after his death, but he was killed while fighting in the Russo-Japanese War thus ending the bloodline.
    • Isami is the only guy in the game to be married like his real-life counterpart, and still be married in his main route but he later divorces his wife.
  • He's the second Voltage bachelor to be seen smoking a kiseru, the first was Miyabi.
Isami Kondo

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