Insatiable Sweetheart - Tamaki
Insatiable Sweetheart info
General Information
No. of Chapters 1 (3 main story chapters)!
Game Origin My Forged Wedding
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Tamaki Kikushima
Price $1.99

Insatiable Sweetheart: Tamaki is a sub story from My Forged Wedding.


Tamaki's desire-based doppelganger is super honest? All the words he couldn't say to you or the Long Island guys comes tumbling out and it's throwing the real Tamaki for a loop!


One day when you get home from LI, you decide to eat the cookie that Ren has gave you, but Tamaki eats it first. Annoyed, you left he penthouse to take a walk in the park when you notice Tamaki smiling while feeding the pigeons which is new to you because he doesn't normally smile. You watch him for a little while, before heading back home. Inside you find Tamaki laying on the couch which is strange because you didn't see him pass you on the way home, a moment later in comes smiling Tamaki. He reveals all of Tamaki's true intentions such as his favorites food, hobbies, and miscellaneous things. After all was revealed and Tamaki started being honest, the doppelganger disappeared.



  • Doppelganger Tamaki wore his business suit in his sprites.
  • When asked to choose the real Tamaki from the doppelganger, the LI guys had a split vote.
    • Yuta, Takao, Kuni and Kyoichi chose the real Tamaki.
    • Ren, Yamato, Saeki, and Haruka chose smiling Tamaki as a joke.
  • The cookie that Ren made was experimental to show your true desires. He did it because he wanted to know your desires.
  • The guys named doppelganger Tamaki Tamacchi.
  • Tamacchi revealed that his favorite meals of yours are meatballs, fried chicken, and curry in that order.
    • You thought he didn't like your curry since he leaves the carrots.
  • Tamacchi takes you to the bedroom in which Tamaki follows and finally says he loves and want you to himself and wont share you with anyone, not even himself.
    • Tamacchi thanked Tamaki for finally being honest and disappeared in a bright light

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