In Your Arms Tonight Season 2
In Your Arms Tonight Title
Kanji 今夜アナタと眠りたいSeason 2
Romaji Kon'ya anata to nemuritai Season 2
English I Want to Sleep with You Tonight Season 2
Release Date May 5, 2014 (JP)
Movie JP
You have been married for three months after giving up your dreams of becoming a novelist. Choosing marriage over your dreams.

The reward for this contract is a husband who does not understand your dream in becoming a novelist. As you started to give up you were reunited with your ex-boyfriend by chance.

"Because I was dreaming of wanting to see you I didn't give up."

His eyes looked straight at me and it hasn't changed at all. And I too wanted to see him.

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

IYAT S2 - JP Game Icon
In Your Arms Tonight Season 2 is an otome game by Voltage Inc. and it is the sequel to In Your Arms Tonight featuring new characters.

It is only available in Japanese and can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

This game has been discontinued in Japan.




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The Characters

Main Characters

IYAT Charac Intro

Takeru Ashida

Coming Soon...

Shinichiro Ogiwara

Coming Soon...

Shu Mishima

Coming Soon...

Fumitaka Nishi

Coming Soon...

Kazuya Seta

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Ryosuke Sakura

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Minor Characters

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  • In this game you are able to meet the characters from the first season.

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