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Ikemen23 translates into "23 handsome guys." This event features three games, Star-Crossed Myth, Scandal in the Spotlight and Butler Until Midnight. This is a three-month long event with lots of fun dialogues between characters from all three games, sales of stories, special stories, beautiful images and more!

This project was launched in September 2015 and ended late December 2015.

  • Special and Limited-Time Crossovers between all three games!
    • My Butler For a Night (on the Star-Crossed Myth app)
    • Your Pop-Star Butler (on the Scandal in the Spotlight app)
  • Sales of Stories on Star-Crossed Myth; all one dollar off! Leon, Scorpio, Teorus, Dui and Huedhaut all have their Main Stories, Epilogues, Sequels, Sequel Epilogue and His PoV on sale!
  • Special Revance Radio Episodes~ (Scandal in the Spotlight)
    • Star-Crossed Myth characters are special guests to the Revance Radio!
  • Enter a secret word! If 2,300 people enter the correct word, something miraculous will happen!
    • Key words are given to you at the end of the following stories: My Butler for a Night and Your Pop-Star Butler. Combine the two words and you've got your secret word!
  • Although Karno, Zyglavis, Krioff, Aigonorus, Tauxolouve and Partheno were included as six of the characters in the event, they only appeared in "My Butler For a Night" sub story.
  • This project was hosted in commemoration to the overseas release of Butler Until Midnight.
    • Both sub stories (crossovers) released were also in commemoration of Butler Until Midnight's release.

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