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Hyosuke Kujo
Hyosuke Kujo - Profile
General information
Kanji Name 九条豹介
Romaji Name Kujo Hyosuke
Height 5'11"/175 cm
Weight 132 lbs/60 kg
Age 25
Blood Type AB
Day Job Security Specialist
Birthday N/A
Often Says "Don't leave me alone."
Weakness His brother, solitude
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Hyosuke Kujo is a selectable character from the game Love Letter from Thief X. He is the younger brother of Taiga Kujo.


'his brother taiga is older and is 29 years old ( look on his profile for more ) and they have a pet cat


Hyosuke has short wavy black and violet-tinted hair, with his bangs parted to the left, and light brown eyes.


  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Work Attire: He wears a white button-up with a navy blue tie and black suit jacket with matching black slacks.
  • Sleepwear: Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Sequel Epilogue

Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Hyosuke Kujo

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