His PoV: Scorpio
His PoV - Scorpio
General Information
No. of Chapters 6
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Scorpio
Price $1.99

His PoV: Scorpio is a sub story from the game Star-Crossed Myth featuring Scorpio.


He hides his love for you behind callous words. Will you be able to hear how he really feels?


Scorpio deeply scorns you, placing harsh words upon you. When you leave in rage and sadness from the reflecting pool, Ichthys comes in and they end up talking about their work. However, Ichthys subtly notes that Scorpio should be more nice to you.

As you and Scorpio do work together, he starts to think about things that resulted in him falling for you. However, despite this, he still treats you harshly. That is, until the terrorist soldiers attack.

This is when Scorpio realized he was denying his feelings this whole time. Therefore, he is determined to save you and let you live a happy life. Once he used the forbidden power to save you, he ends up in a white space. He reminisces about the time he spent with you and ponders about if he could've made you happy if he didn't deny his feelings and how you made him feel this feeling of "happiness," gave him hope... and the power to protect the woman he loves.


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