His PoV: Ichthys
His PoV - Ichthys
General Information
No. of Chapters 6
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Ichthys
Price $1.99

His PoV: Ichthys is a sub story from the game Star-Crossed Myth featuring Ichthys.


"I wasn't scared to die, not until I fell in love with you..."

Ready to listen to Ichthys' innermost thoughts?


Ichthys pulls pranks on everyone in order for him to "get closer to them." However, every once in a while he can't help but think about his mortal fate. Especially after he meets you; especially when he opens his eyes to reality.

When he does leave to the heavens, Ichthys thinks about how you will end up crying when you realize he is gone. So, he pulls a mini-prank in his room to make you smile. As he opens the door to the heavens, Dui talks to him.

After telling Dui to comfort you, Ichthys leaves towards the heavens, into the throne room. He meets with the king with a serious expression, until he feels as though you're with him, by his side. However, you're nowhere to be seen. After the King inquires whether Ichthys regrets anything, Ichthys sends a silent message to you:

Don't worry... I believe we'll meet sometime in the distant future...


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