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Hikaru Aihara
Hikaru Aihara Profile
General Information
Kanji Name 藍原 光
Romaji Name Aihara Hikaru
Game Debut Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
Height 5'8" / 178 cm
Weight 144 lbs / 65 kg
Age 25 (Season 2)
26 (Season 3)
Blood Type O
Birthday N/A


Hikaru Aihara is a selectable bidder from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.


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What to Expect from Your Buyer


Hikaru has neck-length dark auburn hair with bangs parted on his right and slender brownish eyes.


  • Hotel Uniform: Hikaru wears the Tres Spades porter uniform, which is red instead of blue, and white gloves.
  • Civilian Attire: Hikaru wears a gray V-neck shirt and a black biker jacket.


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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Sequel Epilogue

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  • His surname Aihara (藍原) means "indigo plains" while his name Hikaru (光) means "light".
  • He and Shuichi are the only characters who are not connected any of the original five bidders, but they are connected to each other for they are childhood friends.
  • In his main story, it's explained that you've been working with the bidders for 2 years and Hikaru's age is stated to be 26, so he's likely the same age as Ota.
  • Hikaru is the Mad Hatter in the paid version of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, but in the game's party version, Rhion Hatter is the Mad Hatter and Hikaru makes no appearance in the party version.
Hikaru Aihara

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