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Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Hideyoshi SLB Profile
General Information
Title The Miracle of Sengoku
Kanji Name 豊臣秀吉
Romaji Name Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Game Debut Sakura Amidst Chaos
Height 5'9"/175 cm
Weight 150 lbs/68 kg
Proficiency Master Negotiator
Favorite Food Bekko-ame


Hideyoshi Toyotomi is a selectable character from the social party game Samurai Love Ballad. He is loosely based on Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a samurai widely considered the second great unifier of Japan.


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Sleepwear: Like the other samurai, Hideyoshi wears a simple white sleeping robe belted at the waist.
  • Samurai Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Formal Attire: Coming Soon...


Hideyoshi is a kind and caring person. He tries his best to always keep a smile and stay optimistic for those around him. He enjoys joking a lot. He always teases Toshiie, who is also called Inuchiyo, by calling him a dog, because "Inu" meant "Dog" in japanese.

Despite the smile, he is always hiding the sadness away. He does not like to worry other people nor cause trouble. He can get easily jealous, but is able to control his jealously when needed.

Overview of Main Story

Coming Soon...


Hideyoshi Toyotomi

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