Amorous Ending:

Episode 1

Thank you.
But we’re not allowed to date.

Episode 2

Thank you.
Are you sure?

Episode 3

Stare at him
I’m not really sure.

Episode 4

I’ll just tell you right here.
No way!

Episode 5

I don't think I'm good enough.
Something bad is going to happen!

Episode 6

No you’re wrong.
Because I work with Hidetaka.

Episode 7

You’re welcome!
Are you serious?

Episode 8

I do look up to you.
I’m worried about you!

Episode 9

There was no weird fantasy.
Why not?

Episode 10

Fight the urge to say something
I’m here for you.

Episode 11

Let's trust in him.
It's so frustrating.

Episode 12

Are you satisfied with that?
Are you really upset?

Climactic Ending:

Chapter 1

  • B. At least let me pay half
  • B. …

Chapter 2

  • C. Thank you
  • C. Where
    (Set back)

Chapter 3

  • B. Stare at him
  • B. Unfortunately

Chapter 4

  • B. Hesitate
  • C. No way!

Chapter 5

  • C. I don’t think I can do it
  • C. Something bad feels like it’ll happen

Chapter 6

  • A. No, you’re wrong
  • B. Because it concerns my school

Chapter 7

  • B. What brought this on?
  • C. Why are you inviting me?

Chapter 8

  • C. Wouldn’t you feel the same way
  • C. Looks can be deceiving

Chapter 9

  • C. What else would I think?
  • C. Why not?

Chapter 10

  • C. Try to find an opening
  • A. Don’t put this all on yourself

Chapter 11

  • B. Let’s trust in him
  • A. I’m not crying
    (Set back)

Chapter 12

  • C. You still call yourself a teacher?
  • B. Are you really upset?

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