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Hibiki Shiina
Hibiki Shiina - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 椎名響
Romaji Name Shīna Hibiki
Game Debut Seduced in the Sleepless City
Height 5'11"
Weight 147 lbs/ 66kg
Age 28
Birthplace Kochi
Blood Type A
Birthday 8/10
Occupation Pianist
Skills Dexterous hands


Hibiki Shiina is a selectable character from Seduced in the Sleepless City. He is a pianist and composer. His route in the Party version had been released into English before his paid route is released in the Love 365: Find Your Story app.


Hibiki was born into a musician family; his father is a former famous pianist and his mother is a koto musician. He followed his parents' path and became a pianist, and also became a composer with classic genre as his main. He's also a friend of other Casino members since they were attending the same boarding school in Switzerland.


Hibiki has black hair with bangs parted and swept to his left, light brown eyes and pale skin.


  • Formal Attire: Hibiki wears a black suit. crimson vest and tie, as well as a white, cutaway collar dress shirt.
  • Casual Attire: He wears a blue full-sleeved T-shirt with a scarf around his neck with olive green pants.
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Hibiki is often harsh with his words towards other people, including you, but he doesn't really mean it and often shows his blushing face when saying it. He loves teasing you and calls you "penguin head" or "penguin woman".

He also likes showing different faces depending on the people he talks to, putting generous smile on his face when talking to the other people but showing his true personality to his friends and you.

He later will have a hedgehog named Kenzan, originally meant as a surprised gift for you after you become his fiancee and live together with him.

Summary of Routes

Hibiki is firstly introduced in the sub story 'Urban & Casino Resort: Kobe' to liven up the opening party of Satsuki's second legal Casino in Kobe, several months since the opening of first Casino in Roppongi. You accidentally meet him when you get lost, and later Casino members introduce Hibiki to you as their friend since they were in Switzerland.

Main Story

You've been assigned to interview the internationally famous musician, Hibiki. His music has enchanted the hearts of millions across the globe...but if only they knew the truth; he's got a vicious tongue and biting wit! You're growing attached to your playful banter together, but a sudden, devastating change in him occurs...


  • Hibiki, along with Trevor and Atsushi are the only three characters who were not translated in the original app. However, with the revival in the Love 365: Find Your Story app, Hibiki and Atsushi's stories are recently translated to English.
    • The three have unique routes for they only have three pictures from their main routes because their routes only have ten chapters in total, while the others from the same game, have at least five.
  • Hibiki and Trevor's main stories begin when you and Casino members are in New York, two years later after the opening of the Casino in Roppongi.