Her Love in the Force
Her Love in the Force Title
Kanji 恋人は公安刑事
Romaji Koibito wa Kōan Keiji
English My Lover is a Penal Public Safety Officer
Release Date June 30, 2014 (JP)
November 20, 2014 (ENG)
Movie JP

“Your instructor’s words are absolute!“

You've landed in the Police Academy... that's filled only with men! The super-strict instructors will train you in their policy of discipline with love!

But after all the strict training, the sweetest reward just might be waiting!

"Right now, you can rely on me as a man, not your instructor."

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

HLITF - JP Game Icon
Her Love in the Force is an otome game by Voltage Inc which features Seiji Goto and Hideki Ishigami from its variant game My Sweet Bodyguard as well as new bachelors. It is available for download in Android and iOS.

It has currently ceased updates in the English Version.


Her Love in the Force - Opening Movie00:42

Her Love in the Force - Opening Movie

You attend a police academy in hopes of fighting for justice. You together with another woman, are the only women in the police academy.


The Characters

Main Characters

HLWTF Charac Intro
HLITF Relationship Chart

Seiji Goto

A lieutenant who is Captain Ishigami's right-hand man and often described as blunt and scary.

Hyogo Kaga

One of the captains in the Police Department who is arrogant and often cuts corners in his investigations.

Hideki Ishigami

One of the captains in the Police Department who is strict and the complete opposite of Kaga.

Shusuke Soma

A first lieutenant who is good friends with Goto, but quite mysterious.

Ayumu Shinonome

He's a cocky hacker and Captain Kaga's right-hand man.

Jin Namba

The easy going section chief of the Police Department who lets the captains take care of everything.

Toru Kurosawa

Ishigami's other lieutenant who can get the job done, but always a handful.

Minor Characters

Coming Soon...

Available Stories

Bold means that the character's story is yet to be translated.


  • This game is the first to reuse two bachelors from another game, which is Hideki Ishigami and Seiji Goto from My Sweet Bodyguard.
  • The characters are designed by 夏珂 (Natsuka).

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