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The Character

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Hayden A. Spencer
Hayden A. Spencer - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name ヘンリー・A・スペンサー
Romaji Name Henrī A Supensā
Game Debut Be My Princess 2
Height 5'11"
Butler Loyd
Age 28
Grandfather Wilfred A. Spencer
Status Crown Prince
Birthday June 18

Crown Prince Hayden A. Spencer is one of the princes you can select in the game Be My Princess 2.


He is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Philip and the grandson of King Wilfred, who is deceased.

In his main story, you will discover that despite the events fifty years prior to this storyline, marriage to commoners is still looked down upon. The Kingdom of Philip still holds tradition as one of its greatest priorities and has resisted change. Hayden wants to change that, he wants his kingdom to embrace cultural differences and since he is working towards this goal he has made a lot enemies who disagrees with his beliefs.

Family Tree


Hayden's physique is quite similar to that of Wilfred, he retains his blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. However, his hair is much shorter and his bangs are on the right.


  • Royal Attire: For his royal attire he wears the traditional Philip crown Prince that consist of a white jacket with blue pants outfit, yellow epaulette, a red sash that crosses from left shoulder to right, 3 badges and short white gloves.
  • Civilian Attire: His civilian outfit is a white collar shirt with a navy blue pole sweater with white and red lining stripes along with gray pants.
  • Formal Attire: For his formal attire he wears a gray suit that has a long collar jacket with a black tie
  • Sleepwear: For his sleepwear he wears a loose navy blue collar shirt and a loose beige yellow jacket over it.


Hayden is what he appears to be - a perfect prince. He is cool, calm, stern but is easily jealous. If you are surrounded by guys, usually the princes or is flirted with, Hayden will get pretty moody and grumpy. Whenever he is at the castle he always has his guard up because many of the officials have their eye on him but he can let loose once in awhile which is usually with you. He also has a little bit of a sarcastic streak although that's usually towards his friends. Hayden is also selfless, always putting everyone's needs before his own and due to this, whenever someone he cares for has been hurt or injured due to cooperating with him, he will become extremely devastated.

Because he's been raised in an environment where people would just listen to his orders without question, Hayden honors honesty. Loyd and his grandfather are one the few who will not hesitate to speak their minds which is one of the reasons Hayden is very close to them.

Oliver has described him as prim, proper and stubborn.

In his first sequel, Hayden is shown to hate losing, which can be seen when Sieg had dumped carrots onto his plate and ate it all with a cool expression then ran to the bathroom. Hayden has also said that he and Sieg are similar, for this reason they both tend to fall for the same girl.

Since Hayden was trained to conceal all of his emotions as he will one day become Philip Kingdom's king, he is unable to honestly express his emotions but his actions and averting responses is a good indication of his emotions. The person who reads him the best is Loyd, his butler.

Summary of Routes

After your dance with Prince Hayden, the next morning you are told by Zain the third that the bouquet toss was to select a potential bride and you are being driven to Nobel Michel to have a marriage interview. Of course, you're feeling bewildered and thinking that this is surreal you couldn't help but laugh. Zain then points out that you look a little nervous and he tells you a little bit about Hayden - he's calm and collected, hard to read and has not been seen getting angry nor panicked before, and places his country's needs before his own.

When you arrive at Nobel Michel castle, you are still in awe by the captivating structure of the castle. At a waiting room, you change into a formal dress and wait for Prince Hayden while feeling awkward and out of place. Soon, the door opens and Prince Hayden enters and he greets you. Still nervous, you stutter on your words as you try to greet the prince politely. The prince smiles at you and invites you for a walk out in the garden. While in the garden, you walk beside the prince, Hayden then reassures your nervousness and you calm down. As he is admiring the garden's beauty, you then bring up what he had said you were dancing with him - the memorial service for his late grandfather, King Wilfred. You tell him that you had already written down the recipe and handed it to Zain for him. He's impressed by your diligence and passion for baking; he is even more impressed that you are talking about your dreams rather than the "typical" noble women's needs for compliments on their accessories and dresses. You tell him you’re not into that stuff, which is the reason why you can’t believe what is happening - a marriage interview between a prince and pastry chef.

You then see a beautiful pink rose and admire it, the prince asks if you like roses and you reply with a yes and hope that you can remake it as a cake decoration. Affirming your passion, Hayden asks why you have decided to become a pastry chef and you answer that your grandmother was great baker and always made people smile, this was enough to spark your interests and wanting to do that same thing.

Hayden notes how wonderful your grandmother was, and you confirm it proudly. You notice how loudly you confirmed it and look at the prince a little embarrassed to find that Hayden is actually smiling brightly. He explains that he thought you were gentle and that he actually likes to talk to you.

After a moments silence, Prince Hayden talks about his grandfather and how much he loved him too and that he was his inspiration for becoming a great king. You say that he must have a lot of fond memories of him. He then looks off quietly into space. He speaks again, telling you that King Wilfred was both kind and strict. As a prince, Hayden would always receive praise and agreement but his grandfather always made sure to punish when needed. He then falls silent again.

You’re lost in thought, quietly hoping to get to know Hayden better and in the mist of that you trip on the hem of your dress. Hayden catches you in his arms, you’re extremely surprised by this sudden realization and reassures Hayden that you can walk by yourself and that you’ll avoiding tripping and making the dress dirty next time. Hayden says he doesn’t care about the dress and wants you to let him carry you. He looks into your eyes while he holds you. He says that he won’t let a genius pastry chef like you get injured; while you disagree he states that he has his own opinions. He then asks if you disagree with that statement. You have no idea how to respond as you’re conscious of how close his face is and you start blushing. Hayden apologizes and you state clearly, while stuttering that any woman would blush at a time like this. He asks if he should put you down, at first you say it’s up to him but change your mind that you want to be put down.

Hayden… starts laughing, and you question it. He explained that he just wanted to help you but ended up “freaking you out more”. Your heart tightens a little and you think that you would like to spend some more time with him.

You are now in a waiting room at Nobel Michel Castle. Hayden asks you to wait here for a bit and he leaves the room. While you wait, look around the room, noticing the large size compared to your own. Then, a cell phone rings. Its owner quickly stands and leaves the room. You look at the chair and see a badge of some sort, you call out to the person but he doesn’t respond and so, you proceed to chase after him.

In the hallway of the castle, when you hear a voice, you freeze and hide behind a column. From there you see Hayden with a man. You recognize the badge he is wearing and confirm that it belongs to one of the ministers House of Lords. The minister disapproves Hayden’s potential bride, you. Hayden asks why, the minister questions if a low-class citizen has peaked Hayden’s interest. Hayden wonders if that is true but then he states in a chilly tone that “interest” is not the appropriate word for it. He restates his instructions – to choose someone at the party, to which he did. However, Hayden is clear on what he deems important – ruling his country as opposed to marriage. It was just a show and the minister is happy to hear that and leaves, after he leaves, Hayden sighs.

Knowing what Hayden sees this marriage interview you return to the room and feel gloomy, Hayden returns and he notices your gloominess. Although you try to play it off he notices your lie and takes you out to the balcony. Here, Hayden explains to you that this was the place he and his grandfather would talk, a place to just let out all your feelings because no one could hear them. With his encouragement you tell him what you had overheard and he tells you that you weren’t suppose to hear that. But Hayden tells you that that wasn’t the whole story and that he actually enjoyed your company while you guys were talking in the garden and even though it was brief he felt quite he had chosen you. You are also aware that you had enjoyed his company as well. Hayden then apologizes for dragging you into this. Thanks you for coming and kisses you on the back of your hand. Your heart starts to beat like crazy but you remember your place as a commoner and are certain you won’t see him again.

After returning home, you think about what happened that day. You think that Hayden’s a nice person when Yosef calls out, pointing at the limousine. Then, Zain appears in your store and you can’t help but stare in disbelief. He presents to you pink roses, a gift from Prince Hayden. It surprises you but you take it anyway. Zain speaks again and informs you of his highness’s invitation to Philip to prepare the cakes for King Wilfred’s public memorial service. Yosef is excited for you, calling it a great opportunity and encourages you.

Now, you are at Philip Kingdom’s palace, you look around at the extravagance of the palace and you start to feel nervous again. Hayden comes to greet you and seeing your nervousness, he puts a hand on your head and says that if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to. You quickly move from his hand and change the subject because you’re surprised and you wanted to know if he really wanted you to make the cakes despite being an apprentice. He certainly is and he remembers that you wanted to make people smile with your baking. With that you accept the job excitedly. Hearing your answer, he calls his butler, Loyd. Hayden introduces him and tells Loyd to show you your room. Loyd’s eyebrows frown a little and ask Hayden if it is alright to use that room, Hayden responds that it’s nothing to worry about.

With that, Loyd takes you to the said room. You ask whose room this was and Loyd tells you that this room was Hayden’s when he was younger. He says that this is the place Hayden goes to when he wants to be alone and to think. You then tell Loyd that you wouldn’t mind taking the servants’ quarters and as a pastry chef you do not need to be treated with such specialty. Loyd is shocked at what you’ve just said and you ask him if you had said something wrong. He says you haven’t and that you’re different from his expectations. This is when he tells you that Hayden personally ordered you to use this room and this is something most women would die to stay in. Since Hayden is very popular if word got out that you’re staying here there will surely be uproar, aware of what might happen (including making Loyd’s job even more difficult) you promise to keep quiet. He thanks you for your consideration and shows you around the room.

After Loyd leaves you relax on the sofa, you look around the room and notice the small reminisces of Hayden’s childhood. Feeling tense you decide to take a shower hoping it’ll relax you. Since you’re done, you wrap yourself in a towel and step out – to see Hayden there?! You loudly ask why he’s here, he quickly tells you not to be so loud and covers your mouth, pulling you close in attempt to avoid everyone hearing this fearing they’ll start thinking he’s attacking you. He sighs, lets you go and turns around telling you to get dressed. Embarrassed you say okay, in shock that he saw you in a towel. He then tells you that he had knocked and no one answered.

Then someone calls out to Hayden and Hayden quickly tells you to hide in the bathroom. You peeked through the crack of the door and see another man who is also a minister. He wants to speak to his highness; he says he’s heard that Hayden has invited you, a foreigner, to the palace to bake a cake for the memorial. Hayden confirms it and the minister warns him that the people might get the wrong idea. Hayden gives a cold stare at the minister which causes him to stutter a bit and then he explains his “worry” that if the people found out, they might get suspicious. Hayden outwardly suspects the “chatty” ministers of spreading these rumors. The minister answers with a fluster that they just want the prince to be “careful”. The minister keeps telling Hayden the consequences that Hayden is fully aware of and this time, Hayden snaps at him, his voice cold and tinged with irritation. Finishing what he wanted to say, the minister leaves the room.

The prince then asks if you heard anything and of course you did. He slumps his shoulders and looks at you. You don’t want people to talk bad about him and reassure him that you’ll do your best to make them see that he was smart enough to choose you. With that, the prince declared that he’ll be ruthless with your work agendas and he smiles.

He notices your luggage and asked if pastry chefs carry that much, you reach into a box of macaroons that you made and asked him to try some. He states that he likes the pink color as they resemble the roses at Nobel Michel castle. He tries it and compliments them. You’re about to thank him when he reaches for your chest – to straighten your crooked collar. You quickly tell him it’s because you were changing in a hurry and he said he knew considering he was there, using this to tease you making you blush a little.

He then changes the subject, asking your opinion on the roses. You tell him that they’re beautiful because of the varieties that are in bloom. He gives you permission to wander around the gardens. You also remember that time at Nobel Michel’s garden, you were nervous but you also enjoyed yourself.

In the kitchen, you are getting used to the kitchen, testing out the equipment when the head pastry chef enters. You ask if you’re in the way and he replies that you’re not because Hayden gave you permission to use it. However, he sounded displeased but you find this natural as you’re a foreigner and an apprentice making a cake for an important ceremony. After everyone leaves, you start making a cake so delicious they’ll have to accept you. You’re tired and Loyd enters the kitchen, startling you. He asks why you’re still in the kitchen and you tell him it’s because you’re trying to get used it and Loyd wonders why the head chef didn’t help you but you assure him that you’re fine. He stares at you, knowing full well what you’re thinking and you tell him that you’d expected this much considering the situation. Because you’re tired, Loyd asks if you need anything and you ask if you could have some tea.

In your room now, someone knocks on the door. You think it’s someone bringing you the tea, turns out it’s Prince Hayden. He asks if you’ve eaten and you tell him you’ve had bits in the kitchen. Learning this he wants Loyd to help you with meals but you let him know you can just make sandwiches and eat them on your feet. He appears confused and lets out a laugh, telling you he’ll stop treating you like a guest. You ask if he wants to brew the tea he brought but because people take care of it for him, you do it and he sits on the couch. You walk to the kitchen to get hot water but your legs cramp. Hayden comes over and massages your leg for you. You find it strange and blush, looking down at the prince’s face and noting his handsome features. After massaging your legs he says good night saying they’ll have tea some other time and leaves. This makes you feel a little happy.

The next morning at six, you get up still in disbelief that you’re at the castle. You take a walk in the gardens and you overhear Loyd and Hayden talking about the memorial service and a man named Adam. At the mention of this name Hayden’s expression wavers. Loyd makes it clear he doesn’t trust him.

As you head to the kitchen you meet up with Loyd who tells you not to overwork yourself. Leading you to say, “I’m fine.” Loyd looks at you warmly noting your catchphrase. He lets you know Hayden’s: Don’t worry. And between these two catchphrases he says you two make a pair. He then gives you insight on Hayden’s personality, he is someone who takes in everything and never complains, not even to Loyd despite the two have known each other for a long time. He also denotes that Hayden’s taken in an interest in you because of you diligence in your job.

You then thank Loyd for the tea, he smiles and asked if you have sampled some. You tell him you tried them all. He’s shocked to hear that because there were more than ten kinds! You agree and tell him you feel like water balloon. You two have a bit of pause and you wonder if it was weird to tell someone that, he smiles and tells you that you’re really odd and you wonder why.

You’re in the kitchen making macaroons to test the temperature range. Seeing as you’re earlier than anyone else, you make yourself a sandwich Hayden walks in after you’ve taken a big chunk of your sandwich. He looks at you sandwich with interest and you ask if he wanted a bite. He takes a bite off your sandwich while you’re still holding it, he says it good and thinks that this is what it feels like to eat standing up and reminisce about you two talked about it earlier. You tell him that people buy food from food stands and you were about to offer to go with him but stop aware of your different backgrounds. He thanks for the sandwich and was also about say something but looks away and heads out. After he does, the head pastry chef enters the kitchen and you offer him the macaroons, trying it, he asked if you used black tea. You said yes because it had the most “Philip” feel to it and the pastry chef is impressed because it’s Prince Hayden’s and King Wilfred’s favorite. He compliments you and apologizes for being doubtful and upset because you were just a foreigner hired for this event. After gaining his approval you are even more eager to gain the others approval.

The event begins, you chat with the pastry chef when he talks about “Lord Adam”. You’ve heard the name before and asked him who he was. He was about tell you when Loyd appears before you and tells that a distant relative of the royal family who is also a food critic, wishes to compliment you on your cake. You feel tensed as Loyd leads you to that person. The woman compliments your cake, after she does and walks away; the minister who dropped his badge demands you to leave. You apologize and Hayden comes up to you, and harshly dismissing the minister to leave as he doesn’t want to speak to him. Suddenly, Lord Adam appears and Hayden demeanor changes to an even colder and tense attitude. Adam then asks Hayden to introduce you. Adam asks your name and you tell him, he greets you by kissing the back of your hand. Hayden tells Adam that that’s enough as you two are in a “hurry”.

After the memorial service ends, the staff including yourself celebrate. They all smile and you say you’ve made lots of new friends. The pastry chef then says that it was Prince Hayden’s intentions; from here you learn that the prince values talent rather than connections because originally that’s how you could work in the castle. Hayden however wants to abolish this outdated tradition and create more modern policies. You also learn that Hayden truly loves his country but he also has a lot of enemies, due to Philip’s long history as some are still very traditional, and who Lord Adam is – the illegitimate son of King Alfred and is Hayden’s older brother. What’s even stranger is that the King was not aware of Adam despite the evidences. It’s nighttime already and you’re walking through the garden, heading to your room when Hayden appears, surprising you. Hayden asks you what was wrong, because you feel sad that you’ll be leaving though you try to hide. To break the silence Hayden says that the two of you have a strange relationship and you agree because you would’ve never thought you’d be talking to a prince like this. Apparently, you two are also the same age – 28. So, you ask what you should call each other. He’s a little confused and you explain you two are technically friends. He decides to call you by just your name and you decide to just call him “Hayden”. He says you can just drop it the “prince” part though you’re not really used it yet and you feel embarrassed about it. You look at Hayden and he’s looking straight at you, he tells you he’s glad that he chose you nor will he forget you and this evening that you’ve spend together. You too will treasure this moment as well.

Two weeks later, you return to your normal life and you’re working at Patisserie Brown again. Yosef wants to give you a break but you’ll alright and you get back to work when you hear a commotion outside. You open the window and hear the sound of people talking excitedly about Hayden. Though you and Yosef are in disbelief that a prince would come here, the front door opens and you see – Hayden! You call out to him in shock and he said that he thought you agreed to just call him “Hayden”. Yosef’s just as shocked to see him and urges him to get inside the kitchen because no one can see him in there.

Inside the kitchen Hayden tells you he wants you to become the official pastry chef for Nobel Expo, this is where the six nations are submitting cakes. He wants you to part of the Philipian team to help highlight the blending of Philip’s traditions and something new. However, you tell him you want to think about it because it’s such a huge thing and it’s stressing you out. Hayden says he understands and it makes you feel calmer. He then wonders how people knew he was here, finding it suspicious. Then you hear you people talking about Hayden and you instinctively hide with him behind the refrigerator, shoulders touching. The voices subside and you quickly pull away from Hayden, he laughs and calls you a weirdo then asks you to make a sandwich for him. You then ask why he chose you to enter the competition, he says it’s because your baking makes people smile and his carefree smile is proof. With that, you accept his offer but then he says then he says no.

You try to ask him again apologizing for saying no earlier but he refuses again. You’re confused, and he quietly speaks… apparently it’s because he wants you to stop with the “prince” thing, as the two of agreed to omit the formalities. You beg him, though he says you don’t have to. He asks you once more and you accept. You arrive at Nobel Michel and though you were about to enter the guards stop you, needing an ID to permit entry. Since you didn’t have one the guards ask you to leave but you assure them that you were invited by the prince. One of the guards calls for verification and finds out that it is true and that the prince is coming to escort you. Hayden appears and he sorts things out, you apologize for bothering him because you didn’t have an ID, he’s never heard of such a thing and asked one of the guards. The guard tells him that the ministers held a special meeting and they now require them to check IDs. You arrive at the kitchen and see the people you worked with in Philip, you greet them and all of you start brainstorming ideas. After everyone had left, Hayden enters the kitchen and you let him have the rest of the cookies. He eats them all, except for the orange ones, the carrot ones. You say “carrot”, Hayden suddenly looks at you then looks away, you ask him if he didn’t like them and he denies it and says he’ll prove it by eating one. You say he doesn’t have to and he asks if you’re laughing at him. His stiff demeanor slips a little and you start to blush. Half-jokingly he asks you to not tell anyone as he sidles over to you. You promise to keep it a secret. He’s quite close making your face burn bright red, he notices and steps back. You recall reading that King Wilfred disliked them too causing Hayden to recall that he and his grandfather ate a lot of them in order to learn to like them. You laugh as you imagine it. Hayden also says he still thinks of his grandfather. It’s gotten dark and he decides to take you home, you politely refuse and he tells you not to worry because he wants to see the town. You remind him that having a limo at your neighborhood could cause issues so he decides to walk with you instead.

In the neighborhood, you walk beside Hayden when he notices a crepe stall. He stares at it and you ask if he wanted some. He says he’s never tried one and heads on over with you following after him. The two of you eat the crepes and you tell Hayden he has some chocolate on his mouth and he wipes it with his handkerchief. He then wipes the corner of your mouth which makes your heart beat a little faster. Then you watch an advertisement about people finding their destined one, Hayden asks how many you’ve dated and you in turn ask him. His dates however, were chosen by his parents, this also includes his friends who were deemed appropriate. You heart hurts a little thinking about him being with another woman. You near your apartment and you thank him for seeing you home when you sneeze, he takes his coat and drapes it over your shoulder. As you get closer home, the two of naturally slow down your pace and when you reach the door to your apartment, you two are silent and you both speak up but stop. Finally, Hayden takes you hand and kisses the back of it and bids you goodnight. You watch him leave, feeling relief and loneliness unaware of a dark shadow lurking towards you.

A week later, you’re walking about and since that time, you keep remembering Hayden. You try to reason it’s because he’s a prince and it’s naturally for people like to remember something like this. You look up at the sky as you and notice that it’s going to start raining. As you’re almost home, a man taps you on the shoulder inviting you for some coffee, you refuse but he won’t budge. Adam then appears and scowls at the man leading him to scamper away. You thank him but you don’t remember who he was until he reminded you. Though after you thanked him you really want to leave but he keeps calling you back. At one point it starts to rain and you two are stuck under the eaves of a building. He begins to talk to you about his life; you take small steps away from him as he does, ignoring him. He suddenly, clutches his chest and pretends to have a heart attack, you instinctively rush to check on him though he was just staging it and then a limo arrives in front of you. You want to leave, he then hugs you and you stagger away. He apologizes for some reason and then leaves.

The next day you’re at the castle when you overhear the minister talking to Hayden, the minister is once again pressuring Hayden about his duties and responsibilities. In the kitchen you and your co-workers work enthusiastically when Loyd calls you. He tells you Hayden wants you to update him on the progress, Loyd was planning to escort you but the pastry chef forced him to try out the numerous cakes they’ve made. In Hayden’s office, you see in asleep on the couch, you peer into his face noting his handsome features and the similarities between him and his grandfather. He wakes up as you’re peering at his face you then update him on the team’s progress. He looks at the window and decides it’s a great day to go horseback riding and invites you as well because “if you’re going to live in the palace, you have to ride. Otherwise, Loyd will tease you.” Outside, Hayden’s teaching you how to ride a horse but you don’t really see how it’s fun anymore though. While learning you think back on what Hayden said earlier, you still have no idea what he means by that. Hayden starts to lead the horse you’re on but you end up falling and he catches you in his arms and sets you down. He then places his hands on your shoulders and stares deeply into your eyes, it appears he wants to say something but holds back, he then says you’re dense. He makes fun of your horse riding skills and you bite back, he laughs as he apologizes. He also says he’s fallen a lot when learning how to ride a horse, but he wanted to perfect it so he continued, you point out that he doesn’t like to give up and he says the same about you. You disagree and he says that the cuts and burns on your hands are proof of your perseverance and takes your hand, though you pull back embarrassed by it but he won’t let you. He decides that both you can ride on the horse together and you enjoy your time together until Loyd comes running to you. You learn that your boss had gotten into a car accident, you head to the hospital Yosef’s at. You and Hayden walk to Yosef’s room and you see the surgery light turn off and a surgeon step out, appearing exhausted, you fear the worst only to see Yosef smiling after he calls your name. He has a cast on his arm but he’s fine overall. He apologizes for worrying you and tells that while he was out running errands someone in a motorcycle crashed into him, he caught himself but fell wrongly on his arm, fracturing it. He decides to close the store for now due to his injury, you want to take his place but he forbids you saying that the expo is more important and what’s started needs to be finished.

Hayden takes you home, you feel relieved that Yosef is safe and you start to cry. Hayden gently comforts you as you let it all out, wondering how long it’s been since you’ve cried like this. After awhile you feel better and he tells you to take it easy when you get home. You apologize for getting involved but he corrects you because he wanted to be involved, he then averts his gaze bidding you goodnight as you step out of the car. From here you finally be honest to yourself and admit that you love him.

The next day, Philip Kingdom’s pastry chef is taste testing your sweets when a Philipian Minister calls you. You have a bad feeling but cannot refuse, once the two of you are alone the minister says exactly what is on his mind, in an irritated, unforgiving tone. He shows you a picture of you and Adam “embracing” each other, though you try to defend yourself the minister doesn’t listen and forces you to quit the pastry team. Though you do not wish to you decide not wanting to cause any more trouble for Hayden if he finds out. As you leave, you walk through the garden and see a pink rose, you pick it and stare at it as memories flow into your mind. Hayden calls out to you and you try to give an excuse as to why you’re leaving. He notices something’s wrong and takes you to the balcony where he asks you to tell him. You lie to him saying that your boss needs you and you feel bad for leaving him behind. Hayden can see right through your lies, you both are holding back and neither of you say what you want to say and with much difficulty he allows you to leave.

A few days after, you’re back at home and working at Patisserie Brown, focusing on work to get your mind off of things. Yosef points out that people have been getting sick because of the cold weather; he asks if you’re okay and even though you say you are he decides, just in case to send you home early. When you get to your apartment, there’s a pack of paparazzi at your house and to avoid it you hide behind the apartment but they still won’t leave. Loyd grabs you from behind and takes you back to the castle. You learn during the car ride that Hayden had asked Loyd to keep an eye on you and he also investigated the situation, as well as confront Adam. Loyd lets you know how angry, the usually calm Hayden was. In the castle, seeing Hayden after for so long you want to say a lot of things but couldn’t. He then decides to have you stay at the castle to avoid any more problems much to your shock.

You then faint due to a fever and the prince ends up carrying you to his room. When you come to, Hayden is lying down next to you and takes care of you for the night. After chatting for awhile you get some sleep, but you wake up a little and overhear Loyd and Hayden talk about an investigation and you, and then you drift back to sleep. The next morning, you feel better and head for the bathroom and see a half-naked Hayden, you’re about scream when Hayden covers your mouth to prevent any misunderstandings. Though a close call, Oliver barges into Hayden’s room. Hayden quickly hides the two of you in the tub. Oliver’s about to leave until you sneeze. He sees the two of you in the tub and proceeds to leave when Hayden stops him and tries to explain. After that, you’re invited to go on cruise with Sieg, Oliver and Hayden.

The next day arrives and the four of you board the cruise. Hayden gets jealous when you spend time with Sieg in the kitchen but his jealousy soared when he saw that you were in Oliver’s arm, though that was because ship rocked a bit. Hayden goes back to his room you follow him and after revealing his jealousy he pulls you into his arms and you both fall asleep, sleeping peacefully.

At night, you, Hayden, Sieg and Oliver enjoy the dinner you and Sieg made. Hayden is on edge still as you all make conversation. After dinner, you and Hayden head to the deck to watch the stars but here Hayden tells you that the both of you shouldn’t see each other anymore for fear that as a prince, his feelings will probably hurt you more. You’re aware of that but it still hurts to hear it even if it is the truth. The next morning the princes are getting ready to shot the TV show. You’re in the kitchen making snacks and tea for the staff when Oliver walks in and he sees that you’re not really yourself and talking with him helped you feel a little better. When the ship arrives at Altaria’s port, the TV crew arrives. While you’re looking around you feel something powdery fall on you, you tell Hayden but Oliver reassures it’s nothing. The interview begins at the deck and moves to the banquet hall, you layout the treats that represents each nation, the producer compliments on this idea and Hayden smiles at you proudly, making your work worthwhile. You try to get out off the productions way when Hayden comes running towards you, protecting you from the falling chandelier, crushing him instead. The hall is in an uproar as everyone tries to help Hayden. He is covered in blood, and Oliver orders the staff to hurry and call the ambulance. Hayden speaks to check that you’re alright and then tells Oliver not to call an ambulance for the people will blame him. Oliver doesn’t care but Hayden tells him to drive him to the hospital before falling unconscious. As Hayden is taken to the hospital, you, Oliver and Sieg go into the VIP room. Here, Oliver blames himself for not being more cautious. You step into the bathroom and start to cry, when Sieg comes in and comforts you, and you cry your heart out, praying for Hayden’s recovery. Sieg makes you some comfort food – crepes, as you eat them, he tells you that Oliver is at the hospital and after awhile a phone call arrives. Sieg answers it and you learn that Hayden has made it. After falling asleep again, you wake up, when the door opens and Hayden comes in. He sits on the edge of the bed and you scold him for forcing the doctors to release him. He tells you that he wanted to be with you, and gives you a light kiss on the lips and vows to protect you and that he won’t ever give up on you. And you both agree to be with each other, always.

All of you return safely. As you hide out in Hayden’s room, you notice a letter that is addressed to you, however, it bears no name of the sender. Feeling uneasy, you recall the time when there was a photo of you and Adam and it ruin your chances to bake for Nobel Michel but was saved when you decided to quit. You then proceed to open the letter and it appears to be an apology. The sender wishes to give you a formal apology and asks that you meet each other in the kitchen later that day. You decide to meet each other. When you enter the kitchen you bump into the minister who showed you the picture of both you and Adam. He reveals that your resignation has been accepted and reality hits you. You want to cry but you hold it in. The minister attacks you verbally with lies and though you deny them he orders to you pack your things and leave. Loyd was listening the whole time and he cuts in. He mentions that what both he and Hayden heard was the complete opposite – you resigning was to save your shop and not due to a scandal. He then tells the minister that he’ll be explaining these things to Hayden and brings you along with him. Now, you’re not even sure who sent the letter.

In Hayden’s office, after receiving word of this, Hayden returns to the castle and calls the minister to his office. The minister explains his side of the story and Hayden doesn’t believe in one bit but keeps his regal demeanor. Informing the minister that he doesn’t care what the House of Lords does and that he will allow you to continue working with the Nobel Expo. The minister leaves. Hayden then hugs you and you hug him back.

Hayden then tells you that there will be a masquerade ball and asks you to come along. Though you tell him that you don’t know proper etiquette, or how to dance and wear a dress, Hayden tells you that he wants you to be there. Dresses are brought in for you to try on, you’re not used to it and you tell Hayden this, however, he just tells to try on one that you like because “you’ll be needing more in the future”. He blushes and tells you that it’s okay to pick one you like. It’s the night of the ball, you and Hayden enjoy a dance together, until Sieg calls out to you two to get a room and promptly smack Hayden on his back which hurts Hayden because he just got his stitches. The three of you converse until Loyd informs Hayden that King Alfred is on the phone. Hayden says he’ll call him back. Sieg says he’ll watch you and Hayden and Loyd leave. Sieg converses with you a little while dancing but says that you’re boring to speak with so he goes and get wine. He tells you not to move anywhere while he does. Then Adam takes a hold on your arm and drags you behind a curtain and tries to kiss you. Thankfully Hayden returns and pries Adam off of you. He warns Adam about his actions and leads you away. Hayden and you are now at the balcony and he apologizes for his temper but asks you stay with him. You confess that you like all of him, weakness and all. He then embraces you and tells you that you are his biggest weakness and that losing you is something he won’t be able to handle. Feeling warmth swell up you want to tell Hayden that you love him, but before you do – he kisses you and tells you that he loves you. The two of you share your first kisses together, afterwards Hayden tells you that his father wants to meet you. And that was what the phone call was all about. You agree to meet the King but you’re filled with doubt and anxiety but also happy.

When you return to your job, you head for the kitchen bumping into the Loyd on the way there. You notice that he appears quite exhausted but Loyd replies that it’s just due to the lack of sleep. You take note that he hasn’t been around lately. You recall that night when you were sick and overheard Loyd and Hayden talking. You tell him that you’ll make him a savory treat next time and it’s always because he’s supporting that you’re able to do so. He teases you saying that it should be because of Hayden and not him before walking off with a big smile. You’re now in the kitchen and Sieg comes in, he helps you with the bag of flour and end up smacking his head against yours. To check up on him, you put a hand on his forehead, Hayden then makes a crashing sound. Hayden gives off a dark aura and Sieg quickly leaves, Hayden then asks if you could take next week off to meet his father, and tells you he was jealous when he saw you and Sieg together, he then reminds you that you’re his girlfriend.

You’re able to get the week off and while in your room, Hayden comes in and in a panic – Loyd’s been in a car accident and is in critical condition. At the hospital, the doctor’s inform you two that they’ve done everything they could in surgery and now Loyd has to fight for his life. Apparently, Loyd had lost control over his car. Hayden addresses the doctor calmly but once he leaves he falls into utter distress, fearing for Loyd’s life and well being, blaming himself for putting Loyd’s life in danger. You comfort him, this being the first time he’s shown such weakness towards you. The next morning, you continue to comfort him as he sheds a tear. The doctor then comes in and tells you both that Loyd has regained consciousness but still needs to recover.

A few days later, you’re in your room when Hayden comes in, and then Prince Sieg and Oliver. There are some things Hayden needs to take care of, and due to increased risks, he requests Sieg and Oliver to protect you should anything happen to him. Sieg gets angry at Hayden and Oliver jokes about taking you into his inner palace should anything happen to Hayden. You return to your work and after using the restroom a maid approaches you and tells you that there’s a letter from Hayden. It feels suspicious and then someone puts a handkerchief on your mouth leading you to fall unconscious. You awaken at a field and Adam is there in front of you. He used you to lure Hayden here and now that Hayden arrived they have a fencing duel to which Adam loses. There was also an attempted murder on Adam but Hayden protected him from the gunshot. Eventually Adam confesses that he isn’t Hayden’s brother and that it’s all a lie. In the evening, Hayden takes you to the library and tells you this is where he had spent most of his childhood. He mentions that this is the first time he has brought someone here. He opens a locked safe and the two of you look through the contents of it when an envelope falls. It’s addressed to Hayden from King Wilfred. Hayden opens it and reads it. The letter says that Wilfred will always love Hayden, even after death, he hopes that Hayden will be able to change the kingdom and that he knows he can because he was born to be a king. Wilfred also advises Hayden to always follow his heart and spend his lifetime with the woman he loves. Hayden then moves you to a mirror and tells you to close your eyes. You then feel him set a beautiful tiara on your head, the tiara has been in the family for generations and that only the queen is permitted to wear it. He asks if you’re willing to bear the burden and you do. Hayden proposes to you again, vowing to love you forever and the both of you affirm your love for one another, sharing yet another sweet kiss.

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Main Story


Royal Wedding


  • In the Japanese version, he is called Henry and is the only character out of the princes to have his name changed.
    • Just like Wilfred, whose original name was just "Will".
    • "Henry" means "home ruler" and is of German origin.
  • The name "Hayden" originates from Germany and England, in German it means "heathen", in English "valley with hay". It is more common in English-speaking countries and is a unisex name although it is normally used by boys.
  • Despite of what his profile says, in his main route Hayden truly loves his grandfather and misses him dearly.
  • Hayden, alongside Kuon and Ivan, have special videos in which they're voiced.
Hayden A. Spencer

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