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Guy Kurihara
Guy Kurihara

General Information
Kanji Name 栗原 ガイ
Romaji Name Kurihara Eru
Game Debut Liar! Office Deception
Age 23
Birthday June 21
Gender Male
Job Position Head Designer
Height 5'10" / 178 cm
Blood Type B
Hobby Photography
Personality Impish and Modern

Guy Kurihara is one of your co-workers from D-Team in Liar! Office Deception and a potential liar.


Coming Soon


Guy Kurihara - Profile

Guy has wavy, shoulder-length flowy blond hair and light brown eyes.


  • Work Attire: Guy wears a long sleeve purple-pale yellow ombre sweater, gray jeans, and black shoes.


Guy is a cheerful co-worker that is great at what he does.

Summary of Routes

Liar's Route

Coming Soon


  • He's the youngest among the D-Team.
  • He's a big fan of Shuto Matsuki.
  • Guy and May are the only characters whose names were changed in the English version.
  • He shares many characteristics of Ota Kisaki from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder for they're both talented artists, the youngest guy, have blond colored hair, and display mischievous behavior.
  • His outfit is similar to Miyabi's modern attire.

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