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Genji Higashiyama
Genji Higashiyama - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 東山 源次
Romaji Name Higashiyama Genji
Game Debut In Your Arms Tonight
Birthday August 31
Job Title Soccer Player (goalkeeper)
Age 30
Personality Self-indulgent and narcissistic

Genji Higashiyama is a selectable character from the game In Your Arms Tonight. He is your ex-boyfriend from high school. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.


He is a goalkeeper for Japan's soccer team and has a younger brother, Soji Higashiyama.

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Genji has slightly messy light brown hair with bangs parted on his left, and brown eyes.


  • Formal Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Business Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming Soon...


Genji presents himself as a narcissistic and self-indulgent. Since he plays soccer, he has a lot of self-esteem. This can result in cockiness and him being rather rude. He calls Shohei Aiba "small" and sometimes uses that nickname for others. He cares about you deeply, though he will announce his opinion whether rude or polite.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Wedding Vows

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Genji Higashiyama

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