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Aside from the character templates, there are also generic templates that is utilized almost universally throughout the wikia. To help you find them, here is a list!

Free for all (unless noted otherwise) of you to use!


Game Infobox

Usage: to input basic information of the games in one place. Please fill it out accordingly. 

Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
English {{{Literal English Trans}}}
Release Date {{{release date}}}
Movie {{{YT LINK}}}
Main Theme Song {{{Audio File}}}


Usage: to input the quote from Voltage that describes the game.

Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.




Usage: To alert administrators of an unnecessary articles, or no longer needed images that needs to be removed.


Usage: To let editors and wikia contributors which articles are complete. Administrators ONLY.
 {{Template:Coming soon...}}

Coming soon...

Usage: To alert editors and wikia contributors which articles have nothing and are in need of formatting, information, pictures and infoboxes.
{{Template:Coming soon...}}

Sub Stories

Usage: To be used for only sub story articles. Be sure to put N/A if it's inapplicable.

Generic Templates
General Information
No. of Chapters {{{Number of chapters}}}
Game Origin {{{title of the game origin}}}
No. of Endings {{{number of endings}}}
Characters Included {{{List of characters included}}}
Price {{{price of the sub story}}}



Usage: To warn readers of spoiler content.

Satoru SB Spoiler Warning, Miss Toastee.

The article you're about to read contains plot/CG details of an upcoming route or character (someone who's apparently better than me... But don't worry, I'll still take you back even if you're interested in this...)

You've been warned, after all, we (I) will be watching you.

Continue reading at your own risk, toastee.



Usage: To alert editors/wikia contributors/readers of an article that needs improvement.

Article Stub!
This article is incomplete. It is either missing information, pictures, sections or all of the above. Feel free to add the missing stuff on this page, as long as it does not contradict the given rules of this wikia.
{{Article Stub/doc}}

More coming soon...


Usage: To alert readers/editors/wiki contributors that the game is discontinued/on maintenance/still in Japanese.

Hue1 Discontinuation or Maintenance

It seems you're reading about a game that's either discontinued, as officially announced, on maintenance or still in Japanese to be released in English.

We're sincerely sorry to hear that, but you can always check out newer/English games. There's always more games to check out as well.

{{Game Discontinuation}}

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