First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach
First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach
Kanji 湘南初カレDiary
Romaji Shōnan Hatsu Kare Diary
English My First Boyfriend Diary in Shonan
Release Date February 27, 2014 (JP)
August 13, 2014 (ENG)
Movie JP
Falling in love for the first time...

It’s the spring of your junior year in high school. A boy you know just asked you to go out with him and...Before you know it, you’ve got your first boyfriend! But there are many more “firsts” to experience just around the corner!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

FLD - JP Game Icon
First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach is an otome game by Voltage Inc. A start of a new school and a popular boy confesses to, start your first love in high school!

It is available on Android and iPhone.


First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach - Opening Movie Voltage00:49

First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach - Opening Movie Voltage

At the start of your sophomore year of high school you end up with a boyfriend. Your first of everything, from your first kiss to your first date! How will your love story go?


Coming Soon..

The Characters

Main Characters

FLD Charact Intro

Nao Fujimori

He is shy, kind and very popular, as he is a star player on the basketball team. However, he is not what he looks like.

Yuya Abe

A very popular senior who's a surfer and can be a bit of a stalker.

Mahiro Nanase

The flirty, younger classmate. Despite Mahiro's cheerful exterior, he's faced with the fact that his family doesn't have enough money to pay for his father's surgery.

Sota Yamamoto

Sota may look like a delinquent but he is actually very shy and kind. He wants to be a motocross rider when he grows up.

Mitsuru Sanada

Coming soon...

Masato Asakura

Masato's route is currently only available in Japanese.

Minor Characters

Main article: First Love Diaries - A Kiss on the Beach Minor Characters

Available Stories


  • Though there are many teenage-related Voltage Games, First Love Diaries would be the most 'shoujo' like of them all. The story line of each character and the type of art gives it a more manga and shoujo type feel.
  • "湘南" is a coastal region along Japan's Sagami Bay.

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