Finally, in Love Again
Finally, in Love Again
Kanji 最後の恋、僕にください
Romaji Saigo no koi, boku ni kudasai
English Your Last Love, Please Be Me
Release Date July 29, 2014 (JP)
September 10, 2014 (ENG)
Movie JP ~ JPN Special
You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside.

'I don't think I know how to do relationships anymore.' You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!

A dramatic love story begins…

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

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Finally, in Love Again is an otome game from Voltage Inc. You are a dedicated pastry chef who is suddenly jobless and hasn't had a boyfriend in a decade, but your fate changes when your mother sends you to singles party.

It is available on Android and iPhone.


Finally, in Love Again OP00:46

Finally, in Love Again OP

On the day you were fired from your job as a pastry chef, you receive an invite from your mom to a singles party. You go, since you've not been in a romantic relationship for ten years, despite the event being held on the same day as your birthday. You meet five men at the singles party, whom have taken a sudden interest in you, leaving you with a decision to make.


The story opens as you're getting ready for work. You ponder over the fact that the next day will be your thirty fourth birthday - something you are not exactly looking forward to considering nothing's really changed, especially your love life in the past ten years. You have also received a letter from one of your juniors from your culinary school days, Ayaka, saying that she is soon getting married. You once again, realize that everyone you know, who are in their thirties, are getting married...

At the door, a delivery man delivers a large envelope from your mother, it reads 'Zexil'. You take it, sign for it and when you look up at the delivery man, he jumps and then says that "it's been a while". Confused, you look at his name tag which reads "Kikuchi" but nothing rings a bell and you ask him if they were acquainted before. After being asked that he looks dejected. You then open the envelope revealing a ticket for a singles event. Shocked, you say it out loud, not realizing that the delivery man was still there until he asked if you were attending. You laugh it off and head for work.

At Salon d l'Ange, a patisserie in Jiyugaoka, where you work as a pastry chef. You and Sakurako, your coworker, take notice of two regular customers entering the shop, both attractive men; it is later revealed that the customers are Aki and Momoi. The men ask for a Mont Blanc, as well as your phone number. With some forceful urging from a jealous Sakurako, you deliver the cake to Aki and Momoi. However, because of Sakurako's forcefulness, you trip, causing you to accidentally throw the cake onto Momoi's face. They leave after tasting your cake.

Your boss, the owner of Salon d l'Ange, calls you into his office. He scolds you (and insults your age) for the incident. You brush it off, considering you are used to it. The owner then receives a message from one of his employees. The employee tells him that the store is being asked for an interview. The owner spats at the luck, considering he has to deal with a "stupid" birthday cake from another clientele. He decides the interview is more valuable than the customer's satisfaction and tells his employee to cancel the cake. You despise such insolence and having bared it long enough, you quit.

Afterwards, you are walking home, calling yourself stupid because you're now unemployed. But, the next day will be the start of something new and you find yourself filled with positivity. Then, a car, driving really fast, splashes water onto your shoes. You give a silent death glare at the car, but the car parks onto the side. A man steps out and apologizes. For some reason, you feel as if you know this man and you realize that he is your ex-boyfriend, Kazuki and he in turn also realizes who you are.

He says it has been a while and that you haven't changed. He then asks if you would like to go somewhere with him.

Here you have two choices: you agree to go with him or you refuse.

You ask him where he plans take you. Apparently, anywhere is fine with him since he would like to catch up with you. You think he's playing, since it's been years since you've broken up and he hasn't tried to contact you but you give him the benefit of the doubt and you agree.

He plans to drive you but then his phone rings and it's work. He apologizes and answers his phone in fluent English which shocks you. The call ends and he apologizes once again and that he must return to work. You remember that while you were dating him, he always broke off dates because of work. Though now, it's more of nostalgia rather than disappointment.

He decides to give you his business card and asks if your number has changed; it hasn't. After saying he'll call you, he leaves. You consider him still selfish, you sigh and then realize you're heartbeat has sped up. You look at the business card and see that he's become the CEO of a company you haven't heard of.

The next day, while you're still asleep, you receive a phone call. You answer in your sleepy voice and it's Kazuki. He is in front of your apartment, since your address also hasn't changed. You quickly jump out of bed and open the curtains to see him there. He tells you to quickly get changed, although you'd rather not spend your birthday with your ex, seeing as you have nothing better to do you get changed, applying make up with genuine care, and head out.

Your first stop, a high class boutique store in Ginza. Kazuki tells the store clerk what to get for your outfit. Everything. You're appalled and voice out that you can't afford them. He says it's okay and that's a present for your birthday. You're shocked that he remembers. The clerk returns with three new dresses, you try them on but go for the plain and conservative one since you feel more comfortable in it. But Kazuki disapproves and tells you to try on a dress that is brighter in color, though you justify that you don't suit it he makes you try it.

Again, you note that he hasn't changed, still just as bossy. You change into the dress and you're shocked that it suits you. Kazuki opens the curtains and nods in satisfaction, complimenting you which brings up your confidence.

He takes you to an extravagant restaurant with a delicious birthday cake and finally, a bar at the top floor of a hotel. It's such a perfect date that you can't really believe it. The two of you talk, catching up with each others' lives as if nothing's changed. You've had a little too much to drink and filled with courage you ask if Kazuki always treats women like this after he's broken up with them. He notices you're drunk but you deny it and try to grab another drink but you end up spilling it onto your fingers. He tells you stop drinking again but you deny it once more, you reach for your handkerchief to wipe it off when he grabs your hand. He says he doesn't know what to say to you when you're in such a state. He tells you he's glad to have met you again and his face comes closer. You sit there stunned and unable to move because it's been so long since something like this happened. His lips come closer and you feel his breath but his phone rings. He excuses himself again.

You feel conflicted: glad that his phone rang but a little disappointed it did. You quickly convince yourself that you're glad he didn't kiss you. But you are aware of your pounding heart and sought to calm it by placing a hand over your chest. You wonder if Kazuki still...

A voice next to you interrupts your thoughts and you see the two regulars of your former workplace. Apparently, they were looking for you since they had been informed that you had just quit.

You ask them why, and Momoi says to Aki that they should change bars since this bar isn't a good place to talk about it. Aki asks if you're free because they want to take you somewhere and that you will be pleased. He urges you stand but you don't. You're suspicious and don't understand the meaning of it. Momoi reassures you that you will get your answer if you follow them. Momoi has a forceful tone to his urging while Aki apologizes for their rudeness but lets you know it is important. His soft tone makes it hard to refuse but you tell them that you're with someone, Momoi doesn't believe since he doesn't see anybody. You decide to get up to look for Kazuki and head for the stairs, still a little tipsy you start to fall.

Thankfully, someone prevents you from hitting the ground by lifting you into their arms - Kazuki. He scolds you and then tells the other two to back off since you're his. Momo isn't backing down and Kazuki ignores him and asks if you if you knew them. You tell him that they're regulars from your former workplace.

Aki officially introduces themselves with Momoi reminding you that it's an important discussion and that you'll regret it if you don't hear them out. Kazuki tells them to back off because he is the one who will decide the rest of your life.

You refuse his offer, he says he thought you'd say that and points out that you are still stubborn. He then gives you his business card, saying you can reach him whenever you'd like to chat. You notice his authoritativeness has not changed as he heads back to his car and drive off. You look at his card and see that he is now a CEO of a company you haven't heard of. You put the card in your bag and you notice the singles event ticket. You decide it's a good idea to try dating someone else and it's a good distraction from this terrible day.

The day of the singles party, you run into Aki again at the door; you recognize him as one of the regulars from Salon d l'Ange. Noticing that everyone at the event are all younger than you, you feel out of place. As you cheer yourself up by trying some of the cake, Yoh (dressed in a kimono) bumps into and falls on top of you. He is instantly smitten with you, and boldly wipes frosting from your lips with his finger, which he then licks off before leaving. You then encounter Yuto, who proceeds to fix her lipstick.

Sakurako, also attending the event, notices you and confronts you. She asks you, loudly on purpose so that everyone could hear, why you aren't looking for work and if you are aware that you are the oldest person there. You, humiliated, try to leave but are stopped by Momoi, who embraces you from behind. At that moment the announcer of the event introduces Aki and Momoi, asking them which person they will choose to go out with. Both Aki and Momoi, along with Yoh, Kikuchi and Yuto, all pick you. Now, you have to decide which guy to choose.

The Prologue starts about a year after you began working at Larme.

It begins when a man you do not know gets down in front of you in one knee, asking you to marry him and be his wife. Since it was all so sudden, your mind goes blank and you think back to the previous events that lead up to this proposal.

You are back in at Larme, and you and Iku were cleaning up and getting ready to have the pre-opening meeting. Aki says that he has something important to tell you and Iku. He tells both of you that he is stepping down from running this shop, and Momoi was offered a position at a patisserie in France. Momoi takes the position, since he thinks that it is going to be a good opportunity for him to study. Aki then goes on saying that Larme will be closed temporarily next month. You think that you're going to lose you job again, but Aki tells you to not worry about it, since he said that Larme would only be closed temporarily. You ask him what he means by that, and he asks you if you would be the new manager of Larme. He tells you that since he has been managing Larme for a while now, he wants to be able to make people happy, so he wants to be involved with the shop as a consultant instead of the manager. You tell him that you're not sure if you're ready to take over the shop and act as a manager, but he then reminds you of your dream of being able to run your own shop. He wants to help you grant your wish, and you agree to be the next manager of Larme. Everyone then congratulates you and you still couldn't believe that you have your own shop now.

You arrive carrying cardboard boxes in front of the new Larme shop, and it is opening day. You think about how the new shop is small but pretty. Aki then appears next to you, carrying the same amount of cardboard boxes, and tells you that he is really glad that all of you guys managed to get everything ready in time. You thanked him, since you wouldn't be able to manage everything all by yourself. Aki then tells you to go inside, and while you were about the pick up the cardboard box again, he stops you and he says that he can carry it for you. At first, you refused, since it was heavy, but then he tells you that he can manage so he gives you a fairly lighter cardboard box to bring into the shop. As both of you start to walk into the shop, you tripped on the stairs and you think you are going to hit the ground, but Momoi catches you and teases you.

All three of you then head into the shop and you are wowed by the interior of the shop. You think to yourself that everything is perfect and it's just the way that you want it. You then go into the kitchen and Momoi suddenly notices that the oven is not here yet. You tell him that they are suppose to bring it in today, but Aki is on the phone with the company that was suppose to bring in the oven today, and there's a problem. They found a problem with the oven that you guys ordered, and it's been recalled. You were shocked and Aki did ask for a replacement to be sent in, but it wouldn't arrive in time. As Aki was talking about what to do with the oven, suddenly a voice asks what about the oven, and all three of you guys turn around and see Kazuki there. You ask him what he was doing there and he tells you that you were the one who invited him to see the shop. You don't deny the fact that you said that, but you told him that you were still getting ready to open the shop. He then tells you that he won't be able to talk to you once the customers started to come in, so he arrived early. Kazuki then starts to talk about the oven and from what he could understand from what Aki was saying, he knows that your oven has not arrived. When Aki replies and says that the oven hasn't arrived, Kazuki quickly takes out his phone and makes a call to get an oven. You ask him what he did and he tells you that he asked a friend of his a favor and that they'll bring an oven here soon. He shows you a picture of the oven on his phone and it was the most popular oven brand that is used in the professional confectionery business. He tells you that he can get it for a special price because of the connections from his company. You thank him and he tells you that he got a new foreign brand of flour and asks you to use it at Larme. You agree and thank him again. He asks you why there aren't any flowers at the front the shop, and tell you that your new look is a little subdued. Aki then calls out to Kazuki and he smiles and says of course. You didn't know what was going on.

You are then waiting in the break room for the oven to arrive. Aki asks Kazuki about when he thinks the oven was going to arrive, and he answers with anytime now. You hear Koh's name on the TV that he won a competition. Aki adds that Yoh is virtually a celebrity and you agree. You then hear a voice you recognize call your name, and at the same time, you smelled the scent of flowers. Yoh then tells you to look at him, who is in front of you, instead at the him who is in front of the TV. Yuto then appears next to Yoh and congratulates you on the redesign of the shop. You were shocked that they were here at your shop so early in the morning, since it was unusual for them to be up so early in the morning. Yuto tells you that they had something to do. You question him and he changes the subject by revealing a bouquet of flowers for you. Yoh congratulates you on your new shop and gives you the flowers, which were sweet pea blossoms. He tells you that they represent 'starting afresh', so that they were perfect for today. You thank him for the flowers and Yuto gives you a business card from him shop, saying that he finally made it. You question him about his shop and he tells you that he opeend a Japanese sweets shop right near Larme. Kazuki tells him that it's amazing how he opened his own shop already, since he is so young. Yuto smiles and tell you to stop by his shop sometimes since your shop is pretty close to his. He takes your hand and lightly kisses it. You were shocked by his kiss and you tell him that you look forward to going to his shop. Kazuki then asks if the Sayama Express guy was going to come, and Aki asks him if he meant Sousuke. You tell them that you got in touch with him, but he has a sailing competition overseas, so he probably won't be able to make it. You add that the fact that the oven might not arrive on time either. The doorbell then rings and a voice asks if anyone's inside. Aki recognizes the voice and Sousuke then appears. Momoi asks what happened with his competition, and he tells him that it finished yesterday, so he caught the first flight back to Japan, and he's glad that he made it on time. You tell him that he didn't need to be such a rush, but he tells you that it's your special day so he wanted to come and celebrate it with you. He then takes something out of his bag and hands it to you. He gives you the gold medal that he won at the competition and he says that he wanted to tell you about it. You congratulate him and he also congratulates you on the opening of the new shop. You thank him and you think about how you worked so hard on this and that your efforts had paid off. Just then, Kazauki's phone rings and he tells you that the oven's arrived. He tell you that he'll be right back, when Aki suddenly stops him and calls out to Yoh and Yuto about 'that thing'. You had no idea what they were talking about and Yoh said that right now was the perfect time. Yuto and the other men whip out something from behind the door and it was a huge flower arrangement in a standing vase. You notice that there is a card as well and Aki tells you that this is their opening day present to you and that Yoh and Yuto prepared it for you. Yoh tells you that he did the arrangement and he is looking forward to eating your yummy cakes again, Momoi tells you to not let the quality slip since he will be gone, Sosuke tells you that he would be happy to do the deliveries again, and Yuto tells you that since your shops are close, he tells you to do your best as the new owners. Kazuki then interjects and tells everyone that this whole thing is great and you agree with him. You think about how you were so worried about running your own shop, but you have wonderful friends that you can always rely on. Aki congratulates you yet again, and he tells you that he knows that Larme would be safe in your hand. He also calls you 'Boss' too. You thank him and smile at everyone. After that, you finally open your shop.

It's been a month since you've re-opened Larme, and it's been really busy. You were overwhelmed at first, but you've also gotten used to it. You thought about how you and Iku managed to keep the shop going and made a few regular customers. You hand Iku the tea, and she tells you that it's for the guy that sits all the way over at the furthest table of the cafe. You see him silently eating cake and you thought about how he has been coming in a lot recently and you were pretty sure that he was called Mr. Tachibana. You zoned out for a second and Iku brings you back to reality. You tell Iku that you'll take it over to him. You take the tea to the customer while thinking about the party that was going to happen tonight, since it's like a grand re-opening party. You had the customer his Earl Grey tea, and before you can leave, he asks you about art and novel books that you put in the shop. You tell him that you chose the books and that you wanted to make this place feel like a nice place to relax. You also tell him that he can read the books if he'd like to. He then drinks the tea in one gulp and tells you that the money is on the table and leaves.

You go outside to close the shop, since it was getting dark outside already. You put up a sign that said 'Closing at 5 today for a private party'. You then hear your sister, Hana, call out to you as you were going to go back into the shop and get ready for the party. Take and Tomo, your brothers, appear with Hana also. You tell them to go into the shop and you add to the fact that they are really early. Hana tells you that they thought that they'd come help set up, since it was going to be too much work for only you and Iku to set up. She adds that the shop is really cute and Take congratulates you for getting your own shop. Tomo says that your dream came true at last. You thank them and you are glad that your siblings are there to celebrate with you. Hana adds the fact that all you have to do now is get married. You question her and Take says that with your new shop and all, it should be time for you to get married. Tomo tells you that all you've got left to do is to put on a wedding dress. You ask them what they are saying, and Hana asks you if you've decided to marry your work. You deny what she said and say that it's not a good time right now since you've just started running Larme, and that you're busy. Hana then asks you 'won't you run out of time if you keep talking like that?'. Take agrees with her, and tells you that you're already 34, and Tomo says that you'll be 35 soon. You sarcastically thank them for their concern, and change the subject by asking them to give you a hand inside the shop.

Everyone arrived, and you say that today is to celebrate the grand re-opening of Larme. You thank everyone for coming and you apologize that one whole month has passed since you've opened Larme again. Yoh tells you that you couldn't help it, since everyone's been so busy. Momoi adds that it was a good thing that he hasn't gone to France yet. Aki asks you how the shop's doing and you tell him that it was hard at first, but you've gotten used to it. You also tell him that you've gotten some regular customers. Sosuke tells you that's great and Yuto adds that everything seems to be going smoothly. Kazuki says that he's glad and you agree with him. Everyone congratulates you again, and Hana says that you're surrounded by fetching men as usual. Take then brings up the getting married subject and says that you should get married quickly. Tomo then says that he wants to see you in a wedding dress soon. You tell them that they don't have to talk about that now. Before they could say anything, the door opens, and you think to yourself that you thought that everyone was here already. You heard a voice say 'I finally found you!'. You were confused as someone bursts into the shop. You find out that it was the regular, Mr. Tachibana. You tried to tell him that there was a sign at the door that said that there was a party being held and the shop closed early today. As you were talking, he kneeled in front of you and takes your hand. You were shocked and he said that he had decided that you are the one. He then asks you to marry him. You mind goes blank, and before you could say anything, someone said 'Wait a minute!'. The prologue ends here and now you pick which guy you want.

The Characters

Main Characters

FiLA - Charac Intro
Finally, in Love Again Relationship Chart

Aki Fujishima

He is 26 years old and owns a patisserie in Jiyugaoka, called Larme. He runs the place alongside Momoi, his friend from high school. Aki is also the heir to Wisteria, a clothing brand.

Shuichiro (Momo) Momoi

Momoi is 25 years old and the head pastry chef at Larme. In the culinary world, he is dubbed the "Prince of Pastry", thanks to Miss Futaba, who gave him that nickname.

Sosuke Kikuchi

He is a delivery man for Sayama Express. He first meets you when he delivers the singles party invitation, which is originally from your mother. Sosuke usually sees you whenever he is picking up orders for Larme.

Yoh Kobayakawa

Yoh is from a family that runs a well-known flower arrangement school. When he meets you, he becomes a part-time employee at Mon Cheri, which is a florist that's next to Larme.

Yuto Tsuruya

He is an amateur model that attends Aoumi University. His family owns Tsuruya Confectionery, a Japanese sweets shop. He works as an apprentice there with his friend, named Kame.

Kazuki Serizawa

He is your ex-boyfriend from ten years ago. Kazuki is now the CEO of a confectionery company.

Kanata Tachibana

He is a 35-year-old novelist, who writes erotic stories. Kanata only appears in the second season of the game, and is a regular customer at Larme. In the prologue, he proposes to you.

Minor Characters

Main article: Finally, in Love Again Minor Characters

Available Stories

Bold text means that the stories are still in Japanese and have yet to be translated.

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Yoh Kobayakawa
  • Yuto Tsuruya
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Yoh Kobayakawa
  • Yuto Tsuruya
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Yoh Kobayakawa
  • Yuto Tsuruya
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Yoh Kobayakawa
  • Yuto Tsuruya
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Kazuki Serizawa
  • Kanata Tachibana

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Kazuki Serizawa
  • Kanata Tachibana

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Kazuki Serizawa

  • An Owner's Manual: Aki
  • Momoi: An Owner's Manual
  • A Taste of Domestic Bliss: Aki
  • A Taste of Domestic Bliss: Sosuke
  • A Taste of Domestic Bliss: Momoi
  • A Taste of Domestic Bliss: Yoh
  • A Taste of Domestic Bliss: Yuto
  • Romantic Rivals: Aki vs. Momoi
  • Romantic Rivals: Yoh vs. Sosuke
  • An Owner's Manual: Kazuki
  • An Owner's Manual: Yoh
  • An Owner's Manual: Sosuke
  • An Owner's Manual: Yuto
  • The Sweetest Command -Give Me Your Tears-: Aki
  • The Sweetest Command -Give Me Your Memories-: Yoh
  • A Dash of Love
  • The Sweetest Command -Give Me Your Desires-: Momoi
  • The Sweetest Command -Give Me Your Wants-: Sosuke
  • The Sweetest Command -Give Me Your Secrets-: Yuto
  • Cuddle Up Close
  • Dangerously in Love: Aki
  • Dangerously in Love: Momoi
  • Dangerously in Love: Sosuke
  • Dangerously in Love: Kazuki
  • Dangerously in Love: Yuto
  • A Happy Birthday to You Vol. 1
  • A Happy Birthday to You Vol. 2
  • Cuddle Up Close Vol. 2
  • When We Were Young
  • My Honey-Dipped Man
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: Aki
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: Momoi
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: Sosuke
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: Kazuki
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: His PoV (Aki & Momoi)
  • Cupid's Lovestruck Valentine: His PoV (Sosuke & Kazuki)

  • Main Story, His PoV: Aki
  • Main Story, His PoV: Momoi
  • Main Story, His PoV: Yoh
  • Main Story, His PoV: Sosuke
  • Main Story, His PoV: Kazuki
  • Main Story, His PoV: Yuto
  • Aki's Proposal PoV
  • Momoi's Proposal PoV
  • Sosuke's Proposal PoV
  • Kazuki's Proposal PoV
  • Aki's Wedding PoV
  • Momoi's Wedding PoV
  • Sosuke's Wedding PoV
  • Kazuki's Wedding PoV

  • Blue Sky Summer Loving
  • Starry Night Summer Loving


  • The MC is older than all of the playable characters in this game. She is 34, whilst the other characters are in their early to mid-twenties, with the exception of Kazuki and Kanata.
    • This consequently makes her the oldest MC to date.
  • The MC's birthday is March 3rd, 1980.
    • This makes her the only MC with a known birthday.
    • Her birthday corresponds to the holiday Hinamatsuri which is a Japanese Doll Festival, otherwise known as Girl's Day in Japan. 
  • The MC in this game is also one of the few characters who works as a pastry chef - with the other one being the MC from Be My Princess 2.
  • The prologue has been updated, with a few changes.
    • In the original version, you were fired due to accidentally spilling some Mont Blanc cake onto Momoi. The current one has you leave the job, because you've had enough of the owner's greedy goals.
    • Kazuki is also added into the prologue.
  • Patisserie Larme is featured a few times in another game by Voltage, After School Affairs.
    • The word "larme" is French for "tears".
  • This is the first game by Voltage to have a vocal track.

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