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Fake~ Geinōjin Wa zen'n Usotsuki?~
Feiku - Title
Kanji フェイク~芸能人は全員嘘つき?~
Romaji Feiku~ Geinōjin Wa zen'n Usotsuki?~
English Fake~ All Entertainers Are Liars?~
Release Date March 15, 2017 (JP)
Movie JP
Feiku - Icon JP

Fake~ Geinōjin Wa zen'n Usotsuki?~ is an otome game by Voltage Inc. that's currently available in Japanese. After dumping your cheating boyfriend, you follow your dream as an actress.

It is available in Japanese for download on the Google Play and App Store.


フェイク~芸能人は全員嘘つき?~ OP

フェイク~芸能人は全員嘘つき?~ OP

You gave up your career as an actress for your boyfriend, but then you found out that he's cheating on you with an underground idol whom he's trying to debut, so after breaking up with him, you follow your dream to become a celebrity.


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The Characters

Feiku - Characters

Main Characters

Kenji Kiryu

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Hitoshi Kariya

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Tatsuya Morisu

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Mitsuhiro Kono

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Yuichiro Kichise

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Minor Characters

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Available Stories


  • On the game, it was revealed that the MC is 26 years old.
    • She's the first MC to be an actress and a celebrity.
  • This game is similar to the game Liar! Uncover the Truth and Liar! Office Deception in terms of gameplay and art style.
  • Instead of having flirt time, the game has "work time" for cool points.