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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
Kanji 吉祥寺★恋色デイズ
Romaji Kichijōji ★ Koi Iro Deizu
English Kichijoji ★ Colorful Days of Love
Release Date October 10, 2013 (ENG)
June 11, 2013 (JP)
Movie JP ~ JP with CM
Do you believe in destiny? You come back to your hometown after a 10 year absence.You run into your old crush, who's all grown up.Going to school together, talking about memories of the past…The two of you are getting closer day by day.You've known him forever. Now experience the thrill of unexpectedly falling for him

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

DDIWT - JP Game Icon
Dreamy Days in West Tokyo is an otome game by Voltage Inc.

It is available for download in iOS and Android.


Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Opening Movie Voltage00:31

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo - Opening Movie Voltage

You are the childhood friend of five boys in a small neighborhood. After moving out due to your parent's job, ten years later, you are back!


The prologue starts with you arriving at your hometown after ten years. You wander around and you enter a flower shop to buy flowers. There, you meet Haruki who at first does not recognize you. After that, you then go to a cake shop and you are 'insulted' by Ichigo, who reluctantly acted as the cashier for the shop. When you leave the cake shop, Annan and Ryuzo mistakes you for a thief and they begin questioning you, much to your confusion.

Fortunately, Haruki came along and cleared things up between the three and he also tells Ryuzo that your are actually their childhood friend who moved away ten years ago. The three then go to Black Ship, the place where you will be staying.

At the Black Ship, you meet with all of her childhood friends, including Ichigo who came by. And selecting which shop you want to visit will determine which character you will fall in love with.

The Characters

Main Characters

DDIWT Chara Intro

Haruki Tanemura

Haruki is warm, friendly and kind. His family runs a flower shop and he has a little sister, Sae, whom he cares for. He is one of the school idols and is in the Karate club.

Ryuzo Hatta

Ryuzo is older than you by one year and helps out at his family's vegetable store. He's brash and rather clueless. He has two younger sisters, Rika and Rino, and a younger brother, Ryunoshin. He acts like an older brother but is very childish sometimes.

Ichigo Sato

(CV. Kaji Yuki)
Ichigo has had a crush on you ever since you were little. He teases you a lot and is sometimes mean to you. He helps out reluctantly at his family's patisserie. He claims that he hates helping out at his family's bakery, cake, and even you, but anyone who really knows him knows what all those things mean to him. He has an older brother named Togo. 

Takeshi Yuno

Takeshi is cold sometimes, off in his own world. He calls you "little duck" sometimes. He is a member of the track team and helps his the family's bathhouse. He has a really hip grandmother. Enjoys manga immensely, especially Shounen Hop. Takeshi can come off rude, but as you play the game- he lightens up and becomes more 'romantic'.

Rihito Hatsune

Rihito's a flirt to most women and a tease to you, who also plays the piano very well, he has a mother that runs the piano school and is rather strict with him. When they were younger, Rihito was a crybaby and you always assumed he was a girl due to his appearance.

Johji Chakura

Johji is the owner of cafe Black Ship. He treats you like his own 'daughter' in other routes and is over protective of you. He enjoys having you and the boys around at his cafe.

Koh Uraga

Koh works part time at Black Ship and keeps his distance. He's prefers to be alone, and he's quiet, but when he talks, he's blunt and says only what's necessary. Although he's not very sociable, he still looks out for you.

Reiji Uraga

Reiji works at Black Ship and is extremely popular with the females. He also teaches cooking, in which you and his friends take his cooking lessons.

Minor Characters

Main article: Dreamy Days In West Tokyo Minor Characters

Available Stories

Note: Characters in bold are only available in the Japanese version and has yet to be translated.


  • The game is set in a neighborhood known as Kichijōji. Kichijōji (吉祥寺) is a real-life neighborhood in the city of Musashino in Tokyo, Japan.
  • This is one of the few games where there is transition through generations.

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