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Delectably Yours: His PoV
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General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per Character
Game Origin My Last First Kiss
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Ayato Hidaka, Ichiya Misono, Makoto Morimachi, Takamune Kitami, Riku Morimachi, Hiroki Eniwa
Price $2.99

Delectably Yours: His PoV is a sub story from My Last First Kiss.


Drown yourself in bliss as you celebrate Valentines Day with your guy. Which one will get your heart pumping? Find out what he thinks in his PoV!


Ayato Hidaka

"Of all the days, why did it have to be on Valentines Day?"

Ichiya Misono

"Having finished lunch, I return to my desk when my eyes falls upon an unbelievable sight."

Makoto Morimachi

"Just then, my eyes fall on the calendar that's hanging on the wall."

Takamune Kitami

"I was only thinking of going somewhere where it wouldn't be so noisy..."

Riku Morimachi

"She's practically bouncing off the walls. I wonder if something good happened.."

Hiroki Eniwa

"With Valentine's drawing close, the office is buzzing with excitement.."


  • If you purchased both Delectably Yours and Delectably Yours His PoV during the 2017 Valentine's Campaign, you receive six special images of all the guys in manga style.