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Close to Him Part 2
Close to Him
General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per character + 1 PoV
Game Origin My Last First Kiss
No. of Endings 1 per character
Characters Included Makoto Morimachi, Takamune Kitami, Hiroki Eniwa
Price $2.99

Close to Him Part 2 is a sub story from My Last First Kiss.


You're so close to him you can feel is body heat and his heart beating.



Coming Soon ..


Taka practices late like always and you decide to stick around until he finishes. You both head into the locker room where you wait for him to shower and you both can chat. However, Date and some other come in looking for a phone causing you to get in the shower with a wet Taka!


After pulling a long night with Hiroki, you both get into an elevator to head home, but it stops. Now its just you and Hiro in the elevator and you can't help but notice his nice smelling cologne.




Coming Soon ..

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