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Chiharu Utsumi
Chiharu Utsumi - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 内海 千春
Romaji Name Utsumi Chiharu
Game Debut After School Affairs
Personality N/A
DOB May 13
Age 17
Blood Type A
Height 5'8"/177 cm
Skill Has a good memory
Peculiarity Licks candy while he's studying

Chiharu Utsumi is a potential romance option in After School Affairs. He's a student in Kasuga High School and is currently in Shinichi's accelerated class. He appears in Shinichi's main story as a rival for your affections and is set to appear in the second season with his own route.


Little is known about Chiharu's childhood but he was raised by his mother, along with his younger brother. He attended KHS because he wanted to play soccer; he's a great athlete and also academically gifted which is rare in KHS students. However, he had to quit because his mother gotten ill and had to help take care of her and his brother. He then started renting himself out as a boyfriend to older women because the pay was good and needed the money to help his mother out.

After the merge of the two schools, Chiharu was placed in the accelerated class because of his high grades where his homeroom teacher is Shinichi Kagari. He then began to fall in love with you because you were a dedicated teacher who cared about the students' well-being instead of just improving their test scores.



Chiharu has layered, strawberry blond hair with bangs parted on the left, and light brownish eyes.


  • Student Uniform: Chiharu wears a a tan blazer over a white dress shirt with the top button undone, and a the school's tie tied loosely.
  • Casual Attire: Chiharu wears an ivory long-sleeved shirt with a black neck line.


Chiharu is an intelligent and cool-headed young man. He's quite mature for his age, but it's because he has a lot responsibility for taking care of his family, and also trying to do well in school so that he can get into a good college. He's very kind and respectful towards women, which makes him popular with the SLA students.

He is also very open and honest with his feelings, but he acts on impulse and doesn't think about the consequences; such as when he went to your apartment to confess his love for you and then was spotted by Miss Zama leaving your apartment, leading to misunderstanding that you were having an inappropriate relationship with him.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming Soon...


  • He's the class representative for his class.
  • His name "千春" means "thousand spring" and his surname "内海" means "Inland Sea".
Chiharu Utsumi

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