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Bedroom Secrets
Bedroom Secrets, weak point...
General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per character
Game Origin Our Two Bedroom Story
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Minato, Kaoru, Shusei, Chiaki, Akiyoshi and Tsumugu
Price $3.99

Bedroom Secrets is a sub story from Our Two Bedroom Story.


He's going to be featured in an in-company newsletter... and they want to know his secrets.

But secrets are only revealed when you are alone together...



You're approached by an employee from the PR-department. They are doing a feature on your boyfriend in the next company newsletter, but they can't seem to figure out his weakness...


You ask Minato about his weakness, he refuse to answer and you threaten to publish that he's a disaster in the kitchen and can't stand sweets. When he still won't tell you, but exposes your weak spots, your competitive side kicks in. Will you find his weakness during a late night massage?


Trying to figure out Kaoru's weakness you ask him. He doesn't seem too interested but answers housework. When you turn this in to the PR-department they ask you to find something more surprising... At home you start touching him, but he takes this as seduction. Will you ever find his weak spot?


You ask Minato about Shusei's weakness, but it turns into you defending every suggestion Minato makes and turning them into good points. Minato tells you that the one most likely to know Shusei's weaknesses is his girlfriend. Maybe you'll find the weak spot after a late night gaming session?


You avoid telling Chiaki about your assignment of finding his weakness. Tsumugu, who happens to overhear your conversation with the PR-employee, takes an interest in the topic. Chiaki gets suspicious after spotting you talking secretly with Tsumugu and you decide to come clean. Will he reveal his weakness when the two of you get home?


Overhearing your conversation, Akiyoshi tries to help you figure out his weakness. It turns out to be more difficult than expected, especially since none of you want to expose his softness towards animals. After a meeting with an especially pushy woman, the two of you realize that Akiyoshi is no good at dealing with flirtatious women. Publishing that might even help him out, getting rid of some of the women... But you might find a more interesting weak spot later in bed?


Thinking Tsumugu will refuse to tell you his weakness, you hide the assignment from him. Is it jealousy you spot in Tsumugu when you're talking with the other guys? Later the two of you ditch on a drinking session with the Seasonelle crew in favour of drinking at home. After some drinks Tsumugu reveals his true weakness!



  • Minato's weak spot is the collarbone.
  • Kaoru's weak spot is the fingers.
  • Shusei's weak spot is the feet.
  • Chiaki's weak spot is the ears.
  • Akiyoshi's weak spot is the neck.
  • Tsumugu's weak spot is the back.

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