Be My Princess 2
Be My Princess 2 Title
Kanji 王子様のプロポーズSeason 2
Romaji Ōji-sama no Puropōzu Season 2
English The Prince's Proposal Season 2
Release Date January 14, 2014 (JP)
May 14, 2014 (ENG)
Movie JP
One day, you receive a mysterious invitation to attend a marriage interview with the prince!

You don't know how it's possible, but the prince has fallen in love with you at first sight.

"I can't imagine marrying anyone else."

"Take my hand, my princess..."

Your very own Cinderella story starts now!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

BMP2 - JP Game Icon
Be My Princess 2 is a dating sim game created by Voltage. It is the sequel to Be My Princess, set 50 years after the first game and features the original six princes' grandsons and son plus two new princes.

And true to it's predecessor, the story will follow you as you and your prince fall in love with each other. In the midst of that, you must also try to manage both your feelings for the prince and your career.

It is available on Android and iPhone.

Voltage has released a party app version of this game called "王子様のプロポーズEternal Kiss" on September 27, 2016. It is still in Japanese and can be found here for Android and iPhone.


Be My Princess 2 - Opening Movie Voltage00:35

Be My Princess 2 - Opening Movie Voltage

「王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss」 OP00:44

「王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss」 OP

You are an apprentice patisserie, one day a turn of events leads to an encounter with the princes and attend a party as their dance partner. You cherish the moment as if it were a dream and resume your normal life the next day only to find the butler from Nobel Michel at your door step and he informs you that you have been invited to a marriage interview with the prince.


The story begins with a brief introduction as to what you will be expecting - a marriage interview as a potential bride to the selected prince.

While you are at work, your boss, Yosef, informs you of a parade that is being held for the two princes, Prince Aslan of Shaharazal and Crown Prince Ivan of Sanct Sybil, who will be visiting Nobel Michel. However, you are not very interested, reasoning that your world and the princes' world differ greatly and that your priorities are set on being a great patisserie. But you head out to take a look anyway. While there, the streets were filled with squeals from women as the princes make their appearances. You see Crown Prince Ivan and Prince Aslan in a fancy open car, their demeanors are the polar opposite of one another. While Aslan waves to the crowds with a smile, Ivan sits there with a straight face.

Then, while you watch, two little boys start pushing their way through the crowds, you bend down and ask them what they were up to. They tell you that they want Ivan's autograph and head for the car before you could stop them. The bodyguards block them and reprimand them for approaching Ivan but Ivan finally speaks. Everyone becomes dead silent and he gets out of the car, takes their pens and gives them his autograph. He then pats the boys on their heads. You stare at this change of scenery, commenting on Ivan's kindness and suddenly Ivan looks your way. Your eyes happen to meet but he turns around and reenters the car.

Back at the bakery, your store receives a message from the castle, apparently there had been some mistake in an order and the castle had not received their flour and asked if they could use yours. You and Yosef drive to the palace but the car breaks down. So, the two of you decide to return to the bakery and use the truck but thankfully a car was driving by and you ask them to stop. A gentleman steps out and you do not recognize who this man is but he does lend you a hand and drive you to the palace.

You arrive at the castle and you are pushing a cart of flour to the kitchen, but then a fancy car pulls up and a prince, named Kuon, and his butler appears. He appears to be uninterested in the situation despite his butler's constant reminder to greet people. While you continue pushing your cart, a bag of flour falls and your reaction alerts the prince and he comes to your aid. Though you politely reject his offer to help he still does so.

In the kitchen, the prince had already left and the head pastry chef thanks you for bringing the flour. The chef then asks for your help in decorating a cake and you help him. As you continue to work, you overhear the other chefs talking about the princes finding their potential brides.

After finishing your work, you head home by walking through the garden, memorized by the size of the garden and the beautiful roses you are unaware of the person hiding in the bushes. He grabs you and hide you with him. A voice calls out and you discover that the man you are hiding with is Prince Aslan. It appears that the prince is hiding from the woman who was calling out to him. Still hiding in the bushes, he speaks to you, although you are at a lost for words. Then the voice calls out again in desperation and Prince Aslan has no choice but to leave. Suddenly, the pastry chef calls you and tells you that Prince Hayden of the Kingdom of Philip wants to see you. 

At the banquet hall, you meet Prince Hayden and discuss about the cake you had decorated. He asks if you could do write down the instructions for his pastry chef for a private memorial service in honor of his late grandfather, King Wilfred. You are delighted to be praised by the prince but soon became self-conscious and you hide your hands, Prince Hayden took notice and roughly takes your hands to take a look at them, you comment how gross they must look, only to complimented by Prince Hayden that they are beautiful as he continues holding your hands. This causes jealousy amongst the female attendees and they give you piercing stares, Prince Oliver, calls out to Hayden, causing even more jealousy from the other women as the two of them continue to speak to you. Prince Oliver then decides to take you by the arm and drag you out of this situation.

You now just want to leave and end up bumping into someone and splashed with wine by that person. The woman recognizes you as the pastry chef and tells you that you are obviously not a candidate, you have no idea what she means. Suddenly, the hall darkens and the spotlight is now placed onto the stage where the six princes are, one of them is the man who had given you a ride to the palace, Crown Prince Sieg. Prince Hayden then talks about Nobel Expo, to which you ask a waiter about it but before he could reply the bouquet toss begins. Thinking it this is the perfect time to leave, you begin to walk away but you soon catch the bouquet... on your head. You are then dragged into a room to change into a dress. You then step back into the hall once more, it is then that the chosen prince will dance with you.

You can choose: Hayden, Kuon, Sieg, Oliver, Ivan or Aslan.

The Characters

Main Characters

BMP2 Chara Intro

Hayden A. Spencer

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Philip and King Wilfred's grandson. He has some similarities to his grandfather, such as being cool and calm, but he is more easy-going and talkative.

Kuon J. Casiraghi

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Oriens and King Glenn's grandson. He tends to be gloomy, seemingly uncaring of people, and has a bad attitude with a stubborn streak but despite that, he deeply cares about the people of Oriens.

Sieg Lieben

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Dres Van and King Joshua's grandson. He is brash with his words and tends to insult you a lot, but can be just as caring and sweet.

Oliver Button

The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Altaria and King Roberto's grandson. He's very similar to his grandfather in his energetic and flirtatious attitude, as well as his constant attempts to evade his own butler.

Ivan Chernenkov

The Crown Prince of the northern kingdom of Sanct Sybil and grandson of Yakov Chernenkov. His kingdom is currently experiencing a rebellion, so while his father is trying to unite the kingdom elsewhere in the country, Ivan is serving as head of state. He has three sisters who enjoy teasing him and calling him 'Ickle Ivan'.

Aslan Mafdir

A prince from the desert kingdom of Shaharazal who's second in line. He does not really want to be a prince and believes that what he does is meaningless. He does not get along with his elder brother, Crown Prince Heydar, because he is under the impression that Heydar had pushed all of his duties onto him.

Kevin A. Alford

The long lost heir to throne of the Liberty Kingdom. He's King Keith's grandson, who grew up as a commoner after being swept away by a river when he was just a toddler. He is a graduate student and worked as a bartender in Nobel Michel before discovering that he is Liberty Kingdom's Crown Prince. His personality is almost exactly the same as his grandfather's but tone down due to his upbringing as a child.

Maximillion Levaincois

King Edward's son, whom inherited his looks and romantic gestures from. He is second-in-line to the throne of Charles Kingdom while his sister, Matilda, is its current queen. He is the oldest of the princes, at the age of 36, and a lover of the arts, in particular, film and photography. He can be random and sometimes strange but is just as charming and romantic.

Minor Characters

Main article: Be My Princess 2 Minor Characters

Available Stories


  • The MC from this game and the MC from Finally, in Love Again are both pastry chefs.
  • Nobel Michel is the only nation in the game that does not have an official emblem for its land.
  • In this game, you are able to meet the original princes, except for Wilfred, Joshua and so far, Keith.
    • However, Glenn is the only original prince to have a sprite showing his age. It can be assumed that Joshua is deceased prior to the beginning of the game, affirmed by the sub story Tantalizing Time Travel: DresVan when the MC mentions that she had heard a great deal of King Joshua and desired to meet him. Wilfred has passed on and Keith is currently living on an island.
  • In the prologue, when you select Aslan, he mentions his butler, Lavi but it spelled as "Ravi" instead.
  • This game does have a GREE app version but it is currenty still in Japanese and can be found here.
  • The characters are designed by Itaru

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