April Fool's Birthday Kisses
April Fools Birthday Kisses info
General Information
No. of Chapters 1 intro and 3 routes
Game Origin My Forged Wedding
No. of Endings 3
Characters Included Tamaki Kikushima
Price $2.99

April Fool's Birthday Kisses is a sub story from My Forged Wedding.


April 1 is April Fool's Day!
"Actually today is my birthday."
Is Tamaki lying? Is it true?


It's almost the end of March and you are getting ready to change your wardrobe for spring. You head to LI to see Kuni and he tells you that on the 1st of April you have the day off to handle stuff. Not knowing what he means, you head home to prep for you upcoming off day. April 1st arrives and you think Kuni was talking about April Fool's day so you decide to prank Tamaki, but the jokes on you when he says it's his birthday! Do you believe Tamaki or not? Depending on your answer, you get a different ending.



  • You attempt to prank Tamaki by saying it's a rabbit in the house, but fail.
    • Tamaki says you are the rabbit due to you always be in heat.
  • Tamaki has the day which is strange to you so you ask why and he says it's his birthday.
  • Tamaki will show you his driver's license if you choose not to believe him.
  • You take Tamaki on a trip to the amusement park if you choose to believe him.
  • The guys make fun of you for not knowing his birthday if you choose to ask someone at LI.
  • No matter the route you choose, you'll end up making love to him which is what he really wants for a present.

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