Another Story: Shohei Aiba
Another Story Shohei Aiba
General Information
No. of Chapters 13
Game Origin In Your Arms Tonight
No. of Endings 2
Characters Included Shohei Aiba
Price $3.99

Another Story: Shohei Aiba is a sub story from In Your Arms Tonight.


Silently suffering through your husband's infidelity .. the one who supports your through it is a kind but messy colleague.

What does he do about your tears...?


You don't divorce Koichi right away instead you hurt Aiba more on the inside. Shohei is always there for you when you and your husband have your moments, meanwhile Nanami has her eyes for Aiba, but he only sees you. He even tells you indirectly, but you are oblivious to all the signs that he loves you until it's almost too late.



The MC has an affair in this version.

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