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Alan - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name ロイ
Romaji Name Roi
Game Debut Pirates in Love
Height 5'10"/177 cm
Weight 170 lbs/60 kg
Occupation Captain of Rika
Personality Lonely, mysterious, abnormal
Birthday July 9
CV Kōsuke Toriumi

Captain Alan is a character of whom you can choose in the game Pirates in Love and the Captain of the Rika crew. His crew members are Fuzzy and twin brothers Tom and Colin.


Alan was born in Yamato and lived with his sister and parents. He was talented in cooking and got a job as a cook for the village lord. His dream was to become a chef. Unfortunately the lord made advances toward his sister, forcing her to become his mistress, and Alan defended his sister but killed the lord by pushing him down the stairs accidently. He was charged for muder and left his country and would become a pirate. 

He then became a crewmember and close mates with Captain Morgan. He was later cut off ties with Morgan with no explanantion and has had a grudge on him, but unbeknowst to him, the real Morgan had died and his brother took his place and identity and the current Morgan distance himself from Alan so that he wouldn't know the death of the Pirate King.

Alan would then form his own crew the Rika, and would often track down the Sirius crew tried to steal their treasure, a map, and eventually you. 


Alan has jet black hair that reaches past his neck and has a few colorful beads, grey eyes, and fair skin. 


  • Pirate Attire: Alan wears a white poet shirt, black trousers with a purple sash tied at his waist, and brown boots. He has a leather baldric slung over his shoulder that holds his sword and pistol, and he also wears a black tricorn hat with a while cloth draped and a purple plume feather.  
  • Second Sequel, Pirate Attire: Alan's hair grows past to his collarbone and is braided and draped over his left shoulder. His coat is more elaborate and similar to Morgan's except it's black with purple lining.


Alan is often seen attacking the Sirius crew and usually the target of insults. He's an abnormal and very eccentric man who falls in love with you and will go out of his way to impress you (even its extreme). He's often classified as a pervert and at times he will admit to this. Despite being the captain, he often does the domestic chores on his ship and taking care of his crewmates, and is well-respected by his crew members.

His goal is to overthrow Morgan for the title of the Pirate King and make you his woman. 

He scared of rodents, in one scene while he and you were inside a cave, he screamed and told a rodent "to stay away although it can come just not come near him."

Summary of Routes

Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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