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Akiyoshi Zaizen
Akiyoshi profile

General Information
Kanji Name 財前明慶
Romaji Name Zaizen Akiyoshi
Game Debut Our Two Bedroom Story
Height 6'0"/180 cm
Weight 170 lbs/65 kg
Age 29
Birthday May 20
Blood Type O

Akiyoshi Zaizen is a selectable character in the game Our Two Bedroom Story. He is the chief editor at Seasonelle and your boss.


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Akiyoshi has short, dark brown hair that's always worn in a swept back hairstyle. He has brown eyes and pale skin. He tried to change his hairstyle, but in the end says that his hair has "a mind on its own".


  • Casual Attire: Akiyoshi is seen wearing a gray long trench coat with a brown knitted sweater inside, and beneath, he is wearing a white polo shirt
  • Work Attire: Akiyoshi wears a black blazer with a white polo shirt underneath, and a dark blue patterned tie with black pants.
  • Sleepwear: Akiyoshi wears a white sports coat with dark blue strips running down the sides. He also wears a dark gray t-shirt underneath.


Akiyoshi is very sweet at home while strict at work. He doesn't usually initiate romance, but sometimes, you expect acts of kindness from him. He is very sensitive and cries while watching movies involving animals. He is athletic, and will bring you to the batting cages at one point. Due to a incident with a subject he was reporting on taking his own life, Akiyoshi holds himself accountable for what happened and believes that he does not deserve happiness or love.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

It starts off with him being really sweet at home when you arrive, cooking and making shifts for chores. At work he keeps his 'Growler' on, and the secret of him living together with a coworker.


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Sequel Epilogue

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The Proposal

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The Proposal Epilogue

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Don't Tell Him!

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After the Crisis

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No Love Allowed

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Rules Broken!

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  • He has the same birthday as Maximillion Levaincois from Be My Princess 2.
  • Akiyoshi's surname, '財前' consists of two kanji characters. '財' can be translated to "assets" or "wealth"; whilst '前' means "before" or "front". Hence, '明慶' are made up of the characters '明' which is "bright", '慶' is "celebration". Consequently, his name could mean something along the lines of: "Happiness before money", indicating that he values his own - or someone else's happiness, more than any asset or materialistic property - such as money, at work and at home.
Akiyoshi Zaizen

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