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After School Affairs
After School Affairs Title
Kanji 教師たちの秘密の放課後
Romaji Kyōshi-tachi no himitsu no hōkago
English The Teachers' Secret, After School
Release Date September 1, 2015 (JP)
February 18, 2016 (ENG)
Movie JP
Once the bell rings, your secret begins...

The all-boys’ high school you work at merges with the all-girls’ school next door, and the teachers you will be working with are all hot?! There’s one condition… both students and teachers are not allowed relationships… But the more prohibited it is, the more thrilling it becomes…

“Right now, I’m not a teacher…”

Ever since you started working together, you had only seen him as a teacher and a coworker… until one day, you suddenly see this other side of him. After all the students go home, it’s just you and him at school. Your heart pounds… could this be breaking the rules?!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

ASA - JP Game Icon
After School Affairs is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You are a teacher of a school where love is prohibited to students and teachers, but you end up falling in love with one of your coworkers.

It is available on iTunes and Andriod.


After School Affairs – Opening Movie00:46

After School Affairs – Opening Movie

You are a teacher at an all boys school when suddenly your school is in a financial crisis and merges with an all girls school, becoming a co-institutional school. The principal of the new school prohibits love among the students and the teachers are to follow this example as well.


The Characters

Main Characters

After School Affairs Character Info
ASA Relationship Chart

Shinichi Kagari

A strict Mathematics teacher with a double life. He's greatly known for his useful lectures.

Kiyonori Taishi

An introverted Japanese History teacher who's a major history buff. He sometimes rambles about things related to history and often compares current incidents to historical events.

Rikiya Mononobe

A Science teacher with a fierce demeanor but actually holds a kind heart. He has his reasons for becoming a teacher.

Hidetaka Sera

An English teacher and translator that hides something sinister behind his smile. His lectures are completely in English to help his students speak natively.

Kenzo Yasukawa

Your colleague from the all-boys' school who's laid-back and keeps a pet Silkie called Professor at the nurses' office.

Chiharu Utsumi

A mature and popular student at the school. He becomes president of the student council in the second season.

Minor Characters

Main article: After School Affairs Minor Characters

Available Stories

Note: Characters in bold are only available in the Japanese version and have yet to be translated.


  • The artist for this game is also the artist for Finally, in Love Again.
  • In the English version, the order of which the characters are to be released has been changed. With Kenzo and Hidetaka remaining the same.
    • Despite being the main character in the opening video, Shinichi was the second to be released instead of the first.
    • Rikiya was released first instead of third.
    • Kiyonori was released third, instead of second.
  • Professor appears in as a romance option in the After School Affairs, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Our Two Bedroom Story, and My Last First Kiss prologues as an April Fool's joke.
  • Seishun "青春" translates to "springtime of youth", which is a literary saying for adolescence.

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