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A Spring Fling
A Spring Fling infobox
General Information
No. of Chapters Prologue + 2 per character
Game Origin Enchanted in the Moonlight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Miyabi, Chikage, Shinra, Kyoga and Yukinojo
Price $3.99

A Spring Fling is a sub story from Enchanted in the Moonlight.


Why is your Ayakashi boyfriend tagging along on your company retreat!?



From the start you sense that someone is watching you, and all of the sudden Miyabi stands next to you as the most natural thing in the world. You're not too pleased with him just tagging along your company retreat, but then there's a guy who attacks you...


You're allowed to bring a friend or relative on your trip, but Chikage doesn't seem interested. You're seen of by Koten and leave for your retreat alone. All of the sudden Chikage shows up, but he doesn't exactly act as affectioned and interested as you'd like...


On the train you spot a familiar character, it's Shinra. He says he has some errands to run by himself at the same place as you're going, but you don't quite believe him. Shinra keeps showing up at the same places as you do, but he still says that it's purely a coincidence. Then you're asked out by your senior at work... And Shinra doesn't seem to care?


Kyoga surprises you by working as yours and Ikumis personal Rickshaw driver and tour guide. You see how much Kyoga cares about you, and all he want as a reward is to see you in some sexy underwear!?


Right after you make the deal with Yukinojo you're going on a company retreat. You turn up at the train station and the tour guide is... Yukinojo? Is he staying close just to protect you, and why does it bother you that he gets so much female attention?



Coming soon...

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