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A Secret Night with Ritsu & Shohei
A Secret Night with Ritsu & Shohei
General Information
No. of Chapters 1 per character
Game Origin In Your Arms Tonight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Shohei and Ritsu
Price $1.99

A Secret Night with Ritsu & Shohei is a sub story from In Your Arms Tonight.


Anything can happen when you're dreaming. At school, Ritsu stays with you after class and Shohei, your boss, teaches you about work at the office.



The two of you are working on a project together, and on your way home you let Shohei sleep in the taxi. Shohei then dream about you. In his dream you're a new member of the team he manage, and you're growing more and more attached to him...


Ritsu falls asleep in the bathtub and dream about you. In his dream you were his student, and he had to tutor you in physics after you failed a test. Shortly after he has to do a home visit to your parents and finds out that you have a crush on him...



Coming soon...

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