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A Knight's Devotion
A Knight's Devotion
Kanji 愛を捧ぐ伝説の騎士
Romaji Ai o sasagu densetsu no kishi
English A Tribute to Love from the Knights of Legends
Release Date October 17, 2012 (JP)
April 11, 2013 (ENG)
Movie N/A
It's the Middle Ages, and you live in the countryside.

One day, you suddenly find yourself attacked by a group of men dressed in black... and five royal knights save your life! "We've come for you, Your Royal Highness."

...Me... a princess!?

During your journey with the knights, you develop feelings for one of your protectors...

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

AKD - JP Game Icon
A Knight's Devotion is an otome game from Voltage Inc. You are princess who falls in love with one of the knights who escorts and protects you.

It is available on Android and iPhone.


You discover you are actually a princess but have been kept a secret for your safety and five handsome knights will be escorting you to the palace.


The prologue begins in a village where you've lived all your life until one day, people in a tavern began talking about the King's illness, and you were wandering into the forest, trying to go home. You eventually run into trouble where dark clothed men try to kidnap you. Lute, Haku and Shion come to your rescue and you're able to return home and enjoy a chat with your childhood friend, Ken.

Shortly after, your grandmother whom you've been living with tells you the truth - you're the princess of the kingdom and the men you had bumped into are knights, here to retrieve you and take you to the castle. As the men are still out there ready to ambush and kill you, the knights must guard you on your journey and so, you must choose a knight who shall protect you until you reach the castle safely.

The Characters

Main Characters

AKD Chara Intro


Lute is a very kind and loyal knight. He tends to hide his emotions and has a very large fan club of girls. He is very considerate of everyone, including his fans (he even replies to every letter they send to him). He has a tragic past which you learn about during his story arc.


Haku is an arrogant knight who plays with feelings. He doesn't really take things too seriously however he does take archery seriously. He has a secret locket that he carries around.


Ken is a blacksmith in the village where you are from. He is brief and reserved. It is said that he may be the knight who cares the most about you. In the past, you and him have a connection and the only clue is a portrait.


Shion is not motivated to do anything and is often seen reading instead of helping the others. He is shown to be a possible figure of influence. He has a tragic past that may have to do with someone's death.


Gaia is loyal to his duties which can result in him coming off as cold, however he is actually a very kind person and gets along very well with animals. He is said to be the greatest knight in the country. Gaia's father also may have been a knight.

Minor Characters

Main article: A Knight's Devotion Minor Characters

Available Stories

  • Lute
  • Haku
  • Ken
  • Shion
  • Gaia

  • Lute
  • Haku
  • Ken
  • Shion
  • Gaia

  • Lute
  • Haku
  • Ken
  • Shion
  • Gaia

  • N/A


  • This game's premise is a bit similar to My Sweet Bodyguard, in that the MC did not know she was part of higher society and that her life is in danger and must choose their guardian/bodyguard to keep her safe.
  • In the game's start page, the MC's hair is long and a dark shade of red but in the CGs, she has shorter hair and is light in color.
  • Voltage Entertainment USA INC. created a game called Knight of My Heart which is heavily based on this game.

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