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A Divine Autumn with the Gods: Punishments
A divine autumn with the gods punishments infobox
General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per character
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Scorpio, Dui and Ichthys
Price $2.99

A Divine Autumn with the Gods: Punishments is a sub story from Star-Crossed Myth.


Spend a heavenly fall at the mercy of the gods. You'll never guess what sweet surprises they have in store for you!


Scorpio, the Awkward Artist

You get tickets to an art exhibit and you bring there Scorpio on a date. He doesn't show any interest in the art, but suddenly he wants to paint you?

Dui, Tempting Bodies and Gourmet Treats

You're invited to a banquet with the most beautiful goddess in the heavens. During your girl talk you ask about the goddesses beauty secrets and she gives you some candy that'll make you sexier and drive Dui crazy...

Ichthys, Not Your Average Fairy Tale

Ichthys is ordered by the king to read 200 books to understand the humans better. You suggest that he chose some stories he can get really into, and he does... Literary!


Coming soon...

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