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A Butler's Technique
A Butler's Technique
General Information
No. of Chapters 5 (1 per character)
Game Origin Butler Until Midnight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Yuma, Aoi, Tomoki, Kyo and Itsuki
Price $2.99

A Butler's Technique is a sub story from Butler Until Midnight.


Five butlers use their finest techniques to sooth hard working you, body and soul ♡



You watch a horror movie, and you find yourself scared afterwards, and when Yuma comes in, he scares you by using the scariest lines from the movie, but something seems different about the way he's speaking...


You are utterly exhausted from work and you come home, collapsing to your knees. Aoi offers to massage you in your room and you accept, but it seems Aoi has more than one reason to bring you to your room...


It's raining hard outside and you're under shelter in a donut shop. Just when you buy donuts for dinner, you spot Tomoki and he gives you the sharp tongue, but you know he'll always be there to comfort you.


You watch a TV show, but you find yourself homesick thinking about those you're separated from. Abruptly you find Kyo in your room holding out his signature hot chocolate. The hot chocolate feels warm in your hands, but it's Kyo's words that are even warmer...


You are too tired to go out for the weekend, and that's when your butler Itsuki steps in! Saying staying at home will give you wrinkles, he takes you to a VIP store. Despite Itsuki doing what he wants and ignoring what you want, you find yourself feeling a lot happier...


No CGs are given in this sub story